Family Outfits for a Father’s Day Photoshoot

Family Outfits for a Father’s Day Photoshoot

Making memories with the people who mean the most to you is one of the best ways to spend your time. Capturing them for posterity is the icing on the cake! When you have photographs of a special day spent with one another, it’s an opportunity to look back, reminisce, and smile—and to keep those special memories alive for a lifetime. An occasion like Father’s Day is an especially great excuse to break out the camera and stage a photoshoot for the entire family.

Of course, spending time together is the main highlight of the day, but what’s not to love about an opportunity for everyone in the family to get all dressed up? Whether the outfits of the day call for crisp men’s suits and tailored dresses or more casual apparel, you can be certain that the pictures will look their best when everyone makes an effort to dress for the occasion. Here are a few family outfit ideas to keep in mind.

Keep It Color-Coordinated

Focusing on color coordination is more than just a cute idea—it’s an easy way to make your outfits the focal point of your photoshoot. The idea, however, isn’t to wear clothes that match exactly. Instead, stick with coordinated shades that pair well with one another. Selecting shades from the same color family is key, as it creates a cohesive look that translates beautifully on camera.

For example, the kids might wear shades of mint and turquoise to complement the blue men’s polo shirt Dad is wearing for the occasion. By wearing colors that coordinate without falling into the trap of appearing too perfectly matched, you’ll appear more natural in your pictures. For best results and to make it easy, select a single shade that dominates the color family, then simply select from coordinating hues.

Stick with the Classics

When you venture into trendy territory, you end up spending more time worrying about colors and cuts than you do about fit and comfort. Everyone should be comfortable and feel their best during the Father’s Day photoshoot—especially the kids, who may otherwise express their displeasure and discomfort by fussing or refusing to take pictures.

Dressing everyone in classic apparel largely simplifies the process of getting ready. Dad might choose to wear a suit or a structured men’s sport coat and a pair of matching pants. Kids can wear smart button-front tops and pressed trousers or conservative dresses to complete the look. Shirt dresses and special occasion dresses may also be suitable when you’re going for a reliable and traditional look.

Take Some Seasonal Cues

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to take your cue from the season? Because the holiday falls in the third week of June, you can easily take advantage of the natural wonders outside and the great weather to plan a memorable photoshoot. If you’re taking pictures outside, of course, you’ll also want to dress for the occasion. Warm weather calls for light colors, bright shades, and fun patterns.

That might mean a floral cotton dress or the ladies and colorful striped tops for the guys. If you wear prints, choose those that aren’t too bold or exuberant. Vivid patterns could become the focal point of the picture instead of the subjects themselves.

Focus on His Favorites

Given that it’s a Father’s Day photoshoot, it only makes sense to make it about him as much as possible. Choose a setting that he loves, like the dock at his favorite lake or the barn at the family farm. Think about locations where he’s likely to shine the brightest because he’s in his element, full of joy, and surrounded by the people he loves the most!

That translates into better pictures, especially when you remind him that since the photoshoot is in his honor, everyone in the family will follow his lead. Does he absolutely love that tie with the anchor pattern? Is he devoted to men’s flannel shirts? Take those cues and build your family outfits around a concept that’s important or meaningful to him. Everyone might wear color-coordinated flannel tops, for example, or dress in cool beachy attire by the lake. Remember to stick with airy and comfortable fabrics no matter what setting he chooses, since it’s likely to be hot. Kids will be far more focused on the activities of the day if they aren’t stuck in warm, stifling clothes.

Father’s Day is an occasion to honor and celebrate the special dad who has done and continues to do so much for his family. A photoshoot capturing those he loves the most will serve as an enduring reminder of an unforgettable day.


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