Sweet Father’s Day Gifts From the Kids

Sweet Father’s Day Gifts From the Kids

Father’s Day is always an exciting occasion when we get to honor the dads and father figures in our lives. When the gifts come from the kids, it’s even more memorable because dads love being appreciated by their children. While anything can bring a smile to a father’s face when it comes from a child, the gift is even better when it is something that he likes.

There are plenty of options to choose from to make your dad delighted and happy this Father’s Day. Here are some sweet Father’s Day gifts from kids that will make this holiday even more special and fun.

Activewear for the Active Dad

If your dad is always on the go and loves to keep fit in the gym or with outdoor sports, then activewear is always a welcome gift. For a person who likes to move, they can never have too many men’s active tops and bottoms.

Activewear made out of moisture-wicking materials that easily cools such as quick-drying men’s polo shirts or terry cloth active shorts is always a knockout gift. Having enough clothing like this will make your dad feel seen and appreciated. By getting a gift that shows you notice his favorite hobbies and activities, it’s not just a generic gift, but it commemorates who he is.

Sandals for Hot Weather

June is when the weather starts to heat up in many parts of the country, so giving your dad some sandals is a sure win. To get the right size, check his closet and see what size he typically wears. If you’re buying shoes online, make sure to check the reviews to see if the shoes run true to size, small, or big. If they run small, then get a half size up. If they run big, then get a half size down. Thankfully, sandals have adjustable straps and flip-flop options to make this sizing variation practically a non-issue. Also, with the option to return and exchange items, your dad can still find the perfect fit.

Bags for the Traveling Dad

If your dad needs to travel for work frequently or has a case of wanderlust, then giving him a weekend bag like a duffel bag can be meaningful. Travel bags wear out over time, and sometimes your dad may find that he has more storage needs that require different types of solutions. He may need a tech bag or a rolling backpack for extra carry-on items. These smaller bags also allow him to work on the train or plane, boosting his productivity. When you notice how hard he works and give him gifts to make his life easier, your dad will feel truly appreciated.


When the weather is hot, your dad could use an extra pair of men’s swim trunks to start the season in style. At the height of swimming season, having more than one pair of trunks is always a good idea because one pair may be drying when it’s time to go back into the water again.

It’s also important to bring multiple swimsuits to vacations and cruises so your dad doesn’t have to do any unnecessary laundry. Grab something in a color that he doesn’t have, such as blue, black, green, or some fun tropical prints.

Baseball Caps

The sun can get brutal in June and July, so your dad will appreciate a hat that can keep him in the shade no matter where he goes. For an extra special touch, get this hat monogrammed with his initials or his favorite logo. This personal addition will mean a lot to him and make it a valued keepsake for years to come. A baseball hat is a gift that pairs well with active clothing like a Pique polo that wicks moisture and keeps dad feeling cool even when outside for a long time.

Casual Shirts

In hot weather, dads want to be comfortable. Getting him a stylish casual shirt can help him be both comfortable and good-looking at the same time. Men’s cotton tops match with so many different outfits that are suitable for summer fun. Also, a shirt pairs well with bottoms like men’s jeans, and a multi-pack of different colored shirts provides options. When the days are hot and long, your dad cannot get enough comfortable shirts.

These meaningful gifts from the kids will make dad happy and feel loved this Father’s Day.


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