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4 Father’s Day Gifts for the Sporty Dad

If your dad is an active guy, you may have your work cut out for you this Father’s Day. How can you be sure that he doesn’t already have that mug emblazoned with the logo of his favorite sports team, or the T-shirt bearing his favorite player’s number? The odds are he probably does have that. While it may not be possible to treat him to tickets to see his favorite team this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t make this an epic holiday to remember with another awesome Father's Day gift!

Instead, think about what you can give him that he can use now, at this moment. Consider both his wardrobe and his future plans. What’s on the agenda? Has he mentioned that he’s going to the beach? Has he talked about his need for clothes he can wear while he’s working out or focusing on the yard? Whatever the case, there are countless items available out there that are perfect for the sporty, physically fit and highly active dad in your life. Here are a few fun Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad who loves all things athletic.

An Easy Hoodie

Whether he’s breaking a sweat at the gym, running around after the grandkids, puttering around the house, or taking care of things in the yard, he needs something comfortable that he can throw on without a second thought. An effortless men’s sweatshirt or hoodie is a great choice for all of these activities. Perfect for his active lifestyle, they’re soft to the touch and perfect for those cooler days.

Make it a point to check out the features. You’ll find styles with super-soft interiors that are brushed for even greater softness. Make sure hoods have drawstrings so that he can adjust the fit to his comfort level Check for pockets – some are on the side, which is ideal if he’s running around and needs a hand spot to stash his keys. Others have kangaroo pockets, which will keep his hands nice and warm on brisk days.

A Polo Shirt

What sets the best men’s polo shirts apart from the rest? It’s all about comfort and versatility. If he loves casual wear, he’ll appreciate a polo that he can wear when he’s out playing golf or running around town tackling his lengthy to-do list. The best styles look just as great as they feel!

Check for key features that prioritize his comfort, like soft, breathable jersey cotton fabrics and a touch of stretch for added flexibility when he’s on the move. Fade-resistant materials are ideal because they can go through wash after wash without ever showing any signs of wear or discoloration. Don’t forget the finish! Some polos are designed specifically to pull moisture away from the skin, helping him stay as cool and dry as possible no matter how hot it might be out there.

Relaxed Pants

Whether it’s a pair of men’s sweatpants, golf pants, or joggers, there’s always room in any wardrobe for an extra pair of comfortable bottoms. They make great Father's Day gifts! All of these are designed to accommodate his active pursuits. What’s on his agenda? Is he more of a gymgoer? A pair of joggers or sweatpants are great for active dads who love to run, lift, and sweat.

If he’s a golfer, though, you can’t go wrong with a pair of smart slacks just made for the green. They are sleek, stylish, and comfortable enough to see him through round after round with his friends, or a casual early morning round on the weekend. As always, check for features that maximize his comfort when he’s on the move. Elastic waists and adjustable drawstrings are key, along with ultra-soft fabrics that feel blanket soft against the skin.

Water Shoes

Some dads look forward to warm weather for one very specific reason: it’s prime time to get into the water! One way to make life easier when he heads to the beach? Snap up a pair of water shoes. Known for their flexibility, these shoes are lightweight, breathable, and designed to keep the feet cool without sacrificing his comfort. They also protect his feet thanks to their soles, which are thicker than average. He can explore the water freely without worrying about stepping on something sharp that could otherwise hinder his adventures.

Best of all, they resemble genuinely stylish footwear! Look for quick-drying materials that won’t remain heavy and wet when he emerges from the water. If there’s no time to change and he’s hitting one of the boardwalk restaurants for a bite to eat, he can easily walk around in his water shoes. They’re just that versatile and comfortable.

When shopping for dad, keep comfort in mind. The right fit and types of fabrics will go a long way in helping you make the right choice.

It can be tricky to know what your dad will want, but these Father's Day gifts should all be slam dunks for your sporty dad!


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