Father’s Day Gifts for Every Father

Father’s Day Gifts for Every Father

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which is cause for celebration here at Lands’ End. With our wide assortment of comfortable men’s clothing in sizes that range from small to 4XLT, we have the styles dad loves in the sizes that fit him best. Even if dad claims to already have everything he needs, our team of expert shoppers have complied a Father’s Day gift giving guide to help you find the perfect present for dad’s special day.

 What are the Best Button Downs for Dads?

Since Father’s Day is in June, you’ll need to think “summer style” when you’re shopping for dad’s new men’s button-down shirt. If dad’s never been one to shy away from making a statement, the best button-down shirt for him just maybe “island-inspired”.  No matter the print, pattern or color, one thing’s for sure. Father’s Day gift giving calls for a button-down shirt that’s lightweight, lighthearted, and of course you can’t go wrong by including a classic, dad-worthy monogram.

If you’re still not sure where to start, know that linen is the perfect, laidback fabric for a Father’s Day button down. Once you pick the pattern that’s just right for dad, it’s almost impossible not to ask yourself: What’s better than one linen button-down shirt this Father’s Day? And the answer is oh-so obvious: Matching personalized button-down linen shirts for all of your favorite dads. After all, Lands’ End fits every body. From small to big and tall, traditional fit and tailored, too. The dads are sure to look great. So, don’t forget to snap a few pics of the guys while they’re twinning. Frame the best ones and you already have their Christmas gifts all set.

Who are You Giving a Gift to this Father’s Day?

All of your favorite dads, stepdads, fathers-in-law, and dads-to-be can be honored on Father’s Day. If this means you’ll be expanding your idea of who’s a dad on Father’s Day, your list of people who need to receive a Father’s Day gift this year, may have grown as well. Not to worry. There’s a great gift out there for every dad on your list. No matter what you pick for dad, remember to take the time to customize dad’s gift whenever possible. It’s as simple as monogramming his name or initials, adding cute photos, or even tossing in a handwritten message from the kids.

Also, keep in mind, just because dad’s gift is personalized, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy him something practical. Does dad need an engraved serving platter? Probably not. Would dad absolutely love an artfully monogrammed mesh polo? You bet. If dad is increasingly difficult to shop for, keep in mind every successful shopper’s rule of thumb:  Every dad has something he needs, something that is sure to make his day-to-day life a little easier. For example, does dad’s mancave need a long overdue update? Never doubt the power of a new throw blanket and decorative pillows. Now that we have your wheels turning, it shouldn’t take long pick a gift for every dad on your Father’s Day list, even the dads who claim to already have it all.  

 Are Socks a Good Father’s Day Gift?

When shopping for Father’s Day, our experts have declared there to be one universal truth: Dads love high quality socks. Even if they have a drawerful of socks already, dads will gladly add a few more pairs of socks to their stash. So, yes. Socks are a great Father’s Day gift. Luckily, Lands’ End has high quality men’s socks to suit every occasion. Take for example, our warm weather everyday crew socks. These longtime dad-faves don’t just look cool. They’re actually made with Coolmax technology, meaning they wick away moisture and actually work to keep dad’s feet cool while he is wearing them. If you aren’t very well versed in the world of men’s socks, don’t feel overwhelmed.

Pro Tip: As you sock shop, try not to get distracted by all the fancy colors and patterns. The best socks for dads are well-made. End of story. Look for high quality men’s socks designed with make-or-break design features like hand-linked toe seams that provide a smooth, seamless feel. The best socks also have reinforced heels and toes. This prevents them from wearing thin by helping them resist showing the effects of common wear and tear over time. Another must-have: rib-knit cuffs that stay strong and stand the test of time. Lesser quality socks sag, stretch out of shape, and show their age long before they should.

So, when it comes to socks for your dads, shop for the best and let some other dad settle for the rest. 


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