6 Father/Son Activities to Try This Spring

6 Father/Son Activities to Try This Spring

The bond between a father and a son is a special one. A father is a young boy's first hero, the first one he admires, the first role model he tries to imitate. Recognizing the value of that connection is important. Just as important is realizing that connection doesn't develop into a close relationship all on its own. Time must be spent, and trust has to be built. One of the easiest ways to do this is engaging in activities that bring the two of you together. Whether the activity is one you both enjoy or a brand-new adventure, finding something to do together is a wonderful way to deepen your relationship. Here are some ideas for fun activities to do with your son this spring.

1) Fishing

This is a classic father/son activity involving teaching, patience, and focus. Figuring out rods and reels, the right bait, and the best fishing holes gives an opportunity to either show what you know or learn together how to be successful. If it's a good day and the fish are biting, great! You get to compete to see who can catch the most. If the lake or river is a little more subdued, you still get a chance to chat and enjoy beautiful scenery together. Plus, if it gets a little warm, you have nature's swimming pool or a real-life lazy river right in front of you to cool off, so bring your swimsuits. With this kind of experience, who wouldn't relish it?

2) Go Camping

In a similar outdoor vein, going camping is a great way to get out of the house and give your boy the space to constructively employ all of his energy. Set up a tent together, show him how to start a fire, teach him how to grill. There are so many things to do around a campsite. If you happen to finish everything, there is an entire world to hike through and explore. Bring men's gloves for a snowball fight if it's snowing. When it gets dark, you have the heavens to discover. Look up at the sky and see if you can find constellations and use them to find your direction like our pioneer ancestors. Even if it's just in the backyard, give your son an outdoor adventure he'll remember.

3) Playing Catch

This is the easiest activity since, in its simplest form, all you need is a ball. Throwing demands physical coordination, and good aim requires practice that you can give your son. Playing tee-ball together can come next, or other sports if you have a different preference. Shooting hoops with dad or learning to golf are other sports activities that can bring you closer together. Take advantage of the competitive nature of sports to challenge each other and learn how to contend with your "opponent" in a positive way that draws out the best from you both. Nothing is more delightful than rising to the challenge of a worthy opponent. So pull on a t-shirt, grab your ball of choice, and get out there!

4) Build Something

The same spirit that causes your son to run around the house, jump on the bed, and accidentally knock over household items or people is incredibly valuable when given constructive direction. Teach him how to channel himself into creating by completing a building project together. Whether the result is a rocket, a birdhouse, or a go car, find something to cut, saw, shape, match, and put together again. Show your son how to use different tools, and if there is a power saw around, you will have yourself a convert! If something is broken in the house, bring him along and have him fix it with you. Every little boy wants to be "the man of the house." Only you can show him how.

5) Service Project

Keeping with the constructive theme, look for ways you and your son can protect and improve your community. Cleaning up your local park is a nice example. Picking up bottles and other trash, moving sticks and rocks so it is safe for people to walk, little things that can make the world around you better. Plus, at least for this example, it's super active, so your boy can give it everything he's got without getting in trouble. If you don't have a local park and can't find any opportunities at hand, try making something for mom. Showing your son how to use his abilities to take care of the people around him is a valuable skill you can pass on to him as his father.

6) Impart Some Skills

Everyone has random hobbies they've picked up and put down throughout their lives. Find something you learned how to do long ago and collaborate with your son to bring it back into your lives. Teach him how to shuffle cards and play a little poker. Introduce him to the game of chess. Show him how to shoot pool. Find a beginner's computer game to code together. Pull out your favorite computer game and teach him the tricks you learned to beat hard mode. Look up how to tie different knots. As an adult, you know lots of things your son doesn't, no matter how old he is. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is something you both enjoy (or are curious about), and make sure you do it together.


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