The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Kid’s Fleece & Flannel Pajamas

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Kid’s Fleece and Flannel Pajamas

When picking kids’ pajamas, it can be hard to know which will be best: fleece or flannel. You want something that keeps them warm even on the nights when their blankets end up on the floor. They want something comfortable and cute. It is a definite balancing act.

This quick quiz will help you find your way to the perfect kids’ pajamas.

Q. Which classic pajama pants are the coziest for chilly nights?

A. Girls' flannel pajama pants and boys' flannel pajama pants. Nothing beats flannel when it comes to coziness.

Q. Which pajamas are made from softly brushed material that will not pill while it keeps your little sweetie toasty- warm from bath time to bedtime to breakfast?

A. Boys' fleece pajama sets and girls’ fleece pajama sets. Although some synthetic fleece is prone to pilling, Lands’ End fleece pajamas have an anti-pill finish. Can’t miss!

Q. Which pajama pants are a comfy twill for extra softness that ensures sweet dreams?

A. Kids’ flannel pajama pants. Of course, this one was flannel. Nothing is quite as soft as our beloved flannel.

Q. Which pajamas are so cozy that many kids refuse to take them off?

A. Kids fleece pajama sets. I mean, who wouldn't live in fleece pajamas if they could get away with it?

Q. Which pajamas offer your little darling an elastic waistband for an easy on easy off feel plus a relaxed fit that is not the least bit constricting?

A. Girls flannel pajama sets and boys’ flannel pajama sets. For children who need a looser fit, flannel is truly the best pajama option around.

Q. Which kids' pajamas come with pockets?

A. Kids’ flannel pajama pants. My children love to keep a small flashlight or a tube of chapstick in their PJ pockets. Who knows what your kids will feel the need to store in their pj pockets…nothing but essentials, I'm sure.

Q. Which pajamas keep your sleeping beauty comfortable by wrapping her in extra soft plushness?

A. Kids' fleece pajama sets. If we're talking plushness, we're talking fleece.

Q. Which pajama comes in super fun graphics and prints that will have your child begging for bedtime?

A. Lands’ End girls’ fleece pajama sets and boys’ fleece pajama sets. Seriously though. These PJs are just adorable, aren't they?

All you have to do now is look over your answers, tally up your score, and grab the PJs that are right for the little one in your life. I'll let you in on a little secret though: with fleece and flannel kids’ pajamas, you just can't go wrong. You are going to want to stock up on each. Trust me. The kids will thank you later.


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