Family Thanksgiving Pajamas

Family Thanksgiving Pajamas

Most of us have received a holiday greeting card from a family all decked out in their matching Christmas or Hannukah pajamas. When it comes to family photo ops, it doesn’t get much cuter than that—and perhaps you’ve even snapped a few of these with you and yours. This adorable (and cozy) bonding experience can be the perfect way to add a new tradition to any holiday celebration, which is where family Thanksgiving pajamas come in.

Matching family pajamas are a fun, festive, and seriously comfy way to incorporate a new tradition into your Thanksgiving and the holiday season beyond. Read on for tips for picking out the perfect turkey day PJs for the entire family, plus a few ideas on making your celebration even more festive in your cozies.

Picking the Perfect Pajamas

Matching pajamas for the entire family starts with picking the perfect print or pattern. Thanksgiving is when we shift from all things autumnal to those cozy wintery vibes, so go for a seasonal print that you’ll want to rock from Thanksgiving through the winter holidays. Opt for classic patterns like emerald field check, rich red field check, or evergreen plaid. Or, go with fun and festive prints like cute snow day penguins or sleepy sheep.

Once you pick out the perfect design, next, you’ll want to choose the style and pick out adult PJ sets and kids' pajamas for the entire household. Thinking about the season ahead, opt for long-sleeve matching tops and bottoms in a warm and cozy fabric like fleece or a stretchy cotton blend. If you have any little ones in the family, you can also pick out a toddler onesie in a matching print—it doesn't get much cuter than that!

Add Cozy Touches

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect matching PJ sets for the entire family take your pajama game to the next level with sleepwear accessories like flannel robes. Your kids will love lounging in their own kids' robes , and while the extra comfy layer will be practical as the weather gets colder, they’ll also take your matching pajama photo ops up a notch.

You can also step it up to peak PJ vibes with slippers or slipper-socks, perfect for those chilly weekends or holiday mornings when you want to make breakfast as a family or hang at the house in serious comfort.

Get Into the Spirit

Now that you’ve got your matching pajamas and sleepwear accessories ready to go (or, rather, ready to stay home on a lazy Sunday), it’s time to get into the festivities. One fun way to rock your family PJs for this holiday is during set-up if you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house.

Rock your matching sets while you prep the house with Thanksgiving décor, chop and dice, and even while you clean the house for guests. This is a great way to make getting the house and dinner ready feel like a fun activity rather than a chore. Plus, it makes for some great photo opportunities while your family gets everything ready for the big event or while you take breaks from all that preparation to catch some of the National Dog Show, the Macy’s Day parade, or a Thanksgiving football game.

A Thanksgiving Slumber Party

Another fun idea for incorporating your matching PJs into your Thanksgiving festivities is to gather the family for a movie marathon or slumber party after dinner. Everyone loves to lounge, kick back, and maybe even drift off into dreamland after a big feast, so plan on making the living room or den extra cozy with throw blankets and other bedding.

Next, pick out your favorite holiday movies, and maybe even make some popcorn if you’re not too full. Gathering around the TV for your favorite seasonal flicks and getting cozy with your brood can be the perfect way to unwind after the main event, and doing it all in your matching PJ sets might just become a family tradition.

Enjoy Leftovers in Your PJs

If you’re anything like us, then all those tasty leftovers might be one of your favorite parts of Thanksgiving. Lots of families spend the weekend after turkey day assembling seasonal sandwiches with leftovers or making the perfect plates with extra stuffing and mashed potatoes.

While digging into leftovers is already a holiday treat, you can transform it into a tradition in and of itself by enjoying the rest of your feast in your matching PJs. Lounging around the house and enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers is a great way to relax after a big event, and rocking your matching family PJs while you do it will make it feel like a true extension of the celebration.

Thanksgiving is a great time to bond with your family and create lasting memories. Enjoying your holiday traditions and creating new ones in matching PJs will make the holiday that much more memorable—and extra cute and cozy, too!


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