Spring Picnic Outfits for the Whole Family

Spring Picnic Outfits for the Whole Family

Spring is the season for a picnic! What better way to make the most of the beautiful weather than to spend some quality time outside with the ones you love the most? As you gear up for those relaxed outings with the family, it’s important to make sure that everyone has comfortable attire they can wear. Here are some outfit suggestions for the entire family.

For Him

Everyone in the family should focus on comfort to ensure that they can handle whatever the weather might throw their way. Picnics aren’t usually held on the coolest days of the season, so anything that helps you tolerate a slight breeze and a potential chill in the air on an otherwise relatively warm day is perfect for the occasion.

Begin with the base pieces. An effortless men’s polo shirt is a remarkably genius choice for any type of outdoor event, largely because it has a knack for appearing both dressy and understated depending on the environment and the style. For a simple family outing, you could opt for a solid color that goes with everything, or a striped pattern if you want to shake things up a little bit.

Something that might take some thought is the decision to wear shorts or pants. This rests largely on the weather conditions, of course. If it’s slightly cooler than average, you might opt to wear jeans or khaki pants for full coverage. Otherwise, a khaki skirt is a great option that’s made for occasions just like these! Don’t forget the accessories. A hat can be your best friend when you want to shield your face from potent ultraviolet rays, along with sunglasses. Slip into a pair of easy shoes—slip-on canvas sneakers are great for picnics—to finish your look. If it’s on the cooler side, grab a men’s cardigan sweater on your way out the door. You’ll feel so much more comfortable if the wind picks up!

For Her

Options, options, options. There is a world of style possibilities available to women who are searching for the perfect springtime outfit. One of the most sensible choices is a relaxed T-shirt dress. The beauty of this style is that it pulls right on with ease, can be dressed up or down, and feels great against the skin on those warm spring days. Style it with metallic flats or canvas slip-on shoes, put on a cute hat, and you’ll be ready to brave the elements and enjoy every moment of fun time in the sunshine with your loved ones. A maxi dress is an equally great option if you want some more coverage.

But if you’d rather not wear a dress or a skirt, consider a pair of capri pants instead! With their cropped length and breezy fabrics, they’re just made for outdoor events like picnics. Throw on a light tee and layer an open cardigan on top to complete this classic look perfectly.

For Kids

Everyone needs to prioritize comfort when it comes to spending hours outside. That’s particularly true for the kids, who are likely to get restless if they’re sitting around for extended periods of time. For them, focus on clothing that accommodates their active lifestyle. Garments should be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable without restricting movement.

Bermuda shorts for girls are fantastic because she won’t feel too warm or uncomfortable in them. They look great with sneakers and simple T-shirts. Similarly, boys will feel their best in shorts and polo shirts.

On cooler days, however, it might be necessary to pile on the layers so that your little ones feel warm and comfortable throughout the day. Fortunately, layers are easy to wear, so that can make it much simpler for kids to brave the constantly changing elements. Bring cardigans for everyone — the thicker, the better for kids who tend to feel cold all the time. Otherwise, a lightweight hoodie or a pullover works well, too.

Another classic spring outfit for younger kids is a pair of leggings and a roomy tunic top. The combination is both stylish and comfortable, and it’s a better choice when it’s slightly windy outside or there’s a threat of falling temperatures later in the day. Prioritize comfortable footwear, too; sneakers and slip-ons are both ideal because they’re safe for running and walking around on the grass.

As long as everyone is comfortably dressed, you’re sure to enjoy every moment of your spring picnic with your family!


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