Family Reunion Themes for Summer

Family Reunion Themes for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get the family together for a reunion. School’s out, the weather’s warm, and the days are longer. This makes planning easier and more flexible. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from when deciding on a location and time for the event. Having a theme for the event will also make planning go more smoothly. This way, you’ll have a foundation on which to base the food, activities, decorations, and dress code. Themed family reunions are also a lot of fun. It’s an experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter their age. You’ll get the chance to deepen your bonds while making lifelong memories at the same time. Need a great theme? We’ve got you covered. Explore the list below for great ideas to try this summer.

Backyard Olympics

The backyard or garden is the perfect place to host your very own family Olympics. Need more space? You could also have it at a community field or your favorite public park. Group family members into teams beforehand to represent different countries. With a few inexpensive men’s T-shirts, you can easily distinguish teams by color or name. As for the games, there are plenty of fun options to choose from. Keep it sporty with volleyball, soccer, or touch football. You could also set up an obstacle course or have an egg-and-spoon race. Compete in a game of tug or do a hula-hooping competition. If there’s a pool, you can include water games. After a set number of rounds, add up the scores and hold a medal ceremony to crown the winners!

Beach Barbecue

The only thing better than a summer barbecue is enjoying one on the beach. Granted, you can’t just BBQ anywhere, so this one requires a bit of advanced planning. Still, this is one location you don’t want to miss. On a beautiful day, the beach is all about soaking up the sun, dipping your toes in the sand, and cooling off in the water. There are so many activities for family members to engage in that it’s impossible for anyone to feel bored! Whether they love to surf, build sandcastles, or layout and enjoy a book, everyone is in for a good time. When the sun goes down, it’s time to light the fire and prepare the food. Store snacks and drinks in insulated lunchboxes to make sure they stay fresh in the heat.

Potluck Picnic

A picnic is another great theme for your summer family reunion. Find a great spot, lay out some blankets, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Whether you hold it at the lake or park, the outdoor location will afford you more freedoms than your backyard. The kids will have more space to run and play, and you won’t have to worry if things get a bit loud. Get everyone involved by making it a potluck lunch or dinner. It’s easy to plan a simple menu together beforehand and delegate a dish to each family. You can also ask guests to bring something they like that’s easy to share. Picnics are also a great opportunity to enjoy a bit of fun. Bring a frisbee to toss around or a pack of cards for a friendly game of poker.

Pajama Party

If your family loves movies, then this is the perfect theme for your reunion. Get everyone together, dress in your comfy pajamas, and set up a projector screen for an old-fashioned slumber party. Can’t agree on a movie to watch? Turn deciding into a fun game. You could ask guests to write down their favorite movie on a slip of paper, for example, and mix them up in a jar. Make a random draw to determine the winning title. As for dinner, pizza is always a classic choice. Set up a toppings bar and have guests make their own or order in for maximum relaxation. Don’t forget about the popcorn and candy to stay on theme!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always great fun but even more so when you’re in a large group. You can divide family members into teams or play it every person for themselves. Simply hide objects around your reunion location for family members to find. These can be family trinkets, gag gifts, and candy, or info and photographs related to your family history. Give players a checklist of the hidden objects and have them race to see who can complete it first. If you don’t have the space to set up your own scavenger hunt, there are other fun ways to play off this theme. Solve a whodunnit mystery game, for example, or try breaking out of an escape room together.

These fun themes will turn your gathering into an instant hit. Guests will have a great time, and you’ll make a ton of memories. Get ready for your summer family reunion with Lands’ End. From blankets and beach towels to lunchboxes and totes, we have everything you need to enjoy your day outdoors.


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