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5 Family Night at Home Ideas

In this season of social distancing, active families must get creative to keep home fun and relaxing. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make evenings action-packed and entertaining. While this is an unexpected time for many, being at home presents a unique opportunity to connect as a family. Right now, you have some extra time to do things that you maybe didn't have time for before. Also, these at-home activities can be done in the comfiest clothes like women's loungewear and sweatpants. So gather around the kitchen table or the living room and get ready for some good ol’ family fun! Here are 5 family night at home ideas that will give you all some great memories.

1. Schedule a Movie Night

The easiest way to spend an evening together is to find a family-friendly movie, make some popcorn, and hang out on the couch. There’s something comforting about spending time together simply like this. Have each family member take turns in selecting movies, and be mindful to keep the selection appropriate for all ages. You can also make movie night even cozier by offering fun seating like bean bags for kids. These massively cozy bean bag chairs will delight your kids and provide hours of plush lounging. These are also excellent gaming and reading chairs.

2. Organize a Paint Night

Just because your local paint and sip venue is closed for business, it doesn’t mean you can’t revive your inner Picasso at home. Stream an art tutorial online or follow a Step By Step Painting blog and keep the creative juices flowing. To get started, order some canvases, easels, paintbrushes, and paint sets online. To keep beautiful clothing like your women's white blouse in good shape, be sure to order a few aprons or throw an old T-shirt over your outfit too.

All you have to do next is check out the tutorial and see what colors and brushes you need, and then prepare everyone’s painting stations. When it’s party time, gather the family and have some fun! It can also be a good opportunity for an older child to play “teacher” and help the rest of the family create their own masterpieces. While this party is family-friendly, a mimosa isn’t out of the question for grown-ups!

3. Video Conference With Family Members

The evening usually has more downtime where families can reconnect and enjoy leisure activities. Since visiting family members in person may not be possible during social distancing, you can still speak with family through video chat apps like Zoom and Skype. If you have a big family, Zoom is an excellent service that can allow more than three users to speak at once.

It’s refreshing to also see the faces and expressions of family members while chatting because it makes it feel as if they are right there in the room. In this age of many digital solutions, we’re privileged to be able to connect like this even when miles apart. Of course, if you’d like to make a good impression on video chat, try to at least wear nice clothes like men's polo shirts or a summer blouse.

4. Sing the Night Away at Your Own Karaoke Night

Do you have a few songbirds in the house? Then you’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have with a simple karaoke microphone, YouTube, and your family! You can also take turns singing by downloading one of the many karaoke apps on your phone. Sing some new songs and relive the classics as you take a deep dive into all the tunes you love. You’ll be surprised to see what songs your family likes and who can carry a tune. This low-cost activity also has a high return — hours of entertainment and laughs for everyone as they indulge in their 15 minutes of fame.

5. Have the Kids Cook

Nothing switches up things more than some role reversals. If you’re tired of cooking every meal, give your kids a chance to shine. Pick an age-appropriate meal idea like sandwiches and salads that kids can make easily. You can also help them with some key steps, such as boiling macaroni noodles or cutting vegetables for safety reasons. They can still assemble ingredients and put in spices according to the recipe.

Dressing up to make this dinner night more special can also add a bit of fun. It’s important to get out of those pajamas once in a while and dust off the fancy clothes to get a much-needed change in mood. This will surely be a family date to remember! We hope that these 5 family-night ideas will help you bring some fun into your daily schedule.

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