Family Essentials for Spring Break 2020

Family Essentials for Spring Break 2020

So you have a trip planned for spring break, how exciting! You get a chance to take the family somewhere to get away from the daily grind and hopefully enjoy some fun in the sun. But after the excitement sets in, you might be faced with the realization that you have nothing to wear and your kids have outgrown last summer's clothes. It might be time to refresh your wardrobes and ensure you have everything you need for your trip. There's no need to break the bank though. Some reliable basic items will help you look stylish and ready to hit the beach. Here are the top family essentials to pack for spring break 2020.

The Perfect Number of Tops and Bottoms

Start with setting some guidelines so you don't overpack but don't under-pack either. When packing for your whole family, remember that someone has to lug those suitcases around, so only pack what your family needs in order to look and feel their best. Experts typically recommend packing half as many tops and bottoms as the length of your trip. So if you'll be gone for eight days, that would mean four pairs of shorts and four shirts. Or it could mean three pairs of shorts, three shirts, and one dress. Or it could mean only dresses. You get the idea.

The key is to mix and match your tops and bottoms so that even if you wore the shirt once before, the outfit itself is new. If that's not your style and you want to wear something new every single day, go for it. But again, make sure it all fits in your luggage. Do a trial packing run before your trip, just to make sure.


If a warm beach destination is in your spring break plans, swimsuits will be necessary. While the type of suit you wear will depend on whether you want to lounge poolside or go jet skiing, you'll definitely want at least two swimsuits: one to wear while the other is drying. Better yet, bring a few. They take up minimal space in your luggage anyway. Do the same for the kids. They'll want a spare to wear as well while their other one is drying.

If you have to pick only one, tankinis with skirts solve lots of problems, as they let you hang out in the water but still cover enough to let you walk between the hotel room and the beach without wearing something over them. You can even sit in casual restaurants if the skirt part is long enough.


Even if you do have a great tankini, a cover-up dress is a great spring break essential since it can be used not only to cover up your swimsuit but also to double as an outfit for the day. If most of your days will be spent sitting by the pool and hanging out at the resort, you may even want to consider packing more cover-ups than actual clothing. They can look quite fancy when paired with some sandals for dinnertime.

Comfy Sandals

Don't forget about your feet. You don't want to be in pain during spring break, so invest in some quality sandals that look great with a wide variety of outfits. You may want to pack a couple of pairs, but not too many since shoes can take up a good amount of space in a suitcase. If you pack two pairs, one should be waterproof and the other should allow you to walk as much as needed without the risk of getting blisters. Walk around in them a bit before you leave so you can make sure they feel perfect.


Some resorts won't let you use bath towels at the beach. Instead, they might let you rent a towel for a small fee. But that towel will likely look identical to everyone else's towel on the beach or by the pool. So when you take a dip and need to get back to your beach chair, it can be difficult to locate exactly where yours is. That's why personalized beach towels are so great. They make it easy for you and your family to identify a "home base" in case anyone gets lost.

A Beach Bag

Surprisingly, the one thing families forget to pack for spring break is a proper beach bag to lug everything to the beach or pool and then back to the hotel room. After all, who would think to pack a bag within a bag? A sturdy beach bag can be a lifesaver since you can use it to carry water bottles, sunscreen, a change of clothes, towels, reading material, keys, and money.


Don't forget pajamas for you as well as for the children. Two pairs should be fine for a week's vacation, or even one pair if there is a washing machine you can use there. Don't forget to pack whatever stuffed animal the kids normally sleep with too. Spring break can be exciting for them, but it can be hard to wind down for bedtime without something familiar from home.

The essentials listed here are just that: essentials that you shouldn't forget for your trip. If there is room in your luggage after packing in the essentials, feel free to take along as many outfits and shoes as your heart desires.

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