Best Christmas Sweaters for the Whole Family

Best Christmas Sweaters for the Whole Family

The holiday season is here! It’s that favorite time of the year for roaring fires, hot cocoa, music, memorable gatherings with loved ones, and cozy Christmas sweaters. Now a necessity for any true Christmas party, Christmas sweaters have undergone a true renaissance.

These items are the classic and cozy choice to wear to all your family gatherings this holiday season. Stay warm and festive this year at your family’s holiday gathering without compromising on style or flair. With the overwhelming popularity of Christmas sweaters there are now a plethora of different designs and styles to choose from to match every personal style or preference. Finding the perfect Christmas sweater for you and your family has never been easier.

A Natural and Earthy Color Scheme

One of our favorite Christmas sweater picks for this holiday season is the chic alpine allure of the Fair Isle Sweaters. Tribal rustic designs, charming Fair Isle patterns, and lovely snowflake motifs set a cheery ski-chalet tone that will make you feel like you’re out on a snowy mountain rather than inside your living room.

The color schemes and patterns of these delightful Christmas sweaters are all-natural and down to earth, yet they align perfectly with all those festive vibes. These gorgeous sweaters are also versatile to wear outside of your family Christmas gatherings. Unlike more traditional Christmas sweaters, you can wear this beauty on your next ski trip or a frosty coffee date with friends. 

These beautiful and earthy tribal designs touch on all that holiday cheer without being too over the top. Choose one of these Christmas sweaters and you will feel comfortable, stylish, and cozy for all your holiday merrymaking with the family.

Classic Matching Christmas Sweaters

Nothing is so fun and festive as matching Christmas sweaters for the whole family. Deck the halls and the whole family, kids and all, in matching family Christmas sweaters and you’ll be a big hit at the family Christmas gathering this year. This is especially sweet if worn with a set of matching family Christmas pajamas for an even cuter Christmas morning. Coordinate on colors, designs, and more when choosing a matching Christmas sweater ensemble for you and your family this year.

Alternatively, you can mix and match with each member of your crew wearing a different color cable knit or a different color scheme of the Fair Isle Sweater series mentioned above for a cheery harmony without too much twinning. For an added personal touch that the whole family will enjoy, try wearing monogrammed or personalized sweaters at this year’s family gathering. Perhaps family sweater matching will inspire a new family Christmas tradition!

Holiday Color Schemes

Christmas sweaters don’t have to feature graphics that can only be worn once or twice a year. Instead of patterned or graphic Christmas sweaters, try instead wearing seasonal colors to your family Christmas gathering this year. The added perk of this arrangement is that you can opt to wear an amazing and luxurious material like cashmere for a soft and luscious feel while still rocking the Christmas vibes. Choose a women’s cashmere sweater in colors like red, green, or gold to stay true to the holiday spirit.

If you or your family are celebrating Hanukkah, then opt for a gorgeous deep blue or white women's wool sweater to get into the holiday mood. If you choose to wear a black sweater, that’s fine too! Simply dress it up with some gold sequin accessories to keep with the festivities. If your Christmas gathering is a more formal affair, wear a holiday-colored sweater dress instead to be warm, comfortable, and glamorous while still fitting with the Christmas theme.

Cable Knit Sweaters

If the classic Christmas sweater look is not for you, then go for a cable knit sweater instead. Cable knits are slightly more neutral while still offering a holiday and seasonal feel. The texture of the cable knit sweaters looks festive, traditional, and cozy without going overboard with patterns and graphics. Even if the rest of your family is decked out in bold Christmas cheer, you’ll still fit right in with your favorite cable knit without needing to go the extra mile. Cable knit sweaters are also timeless choices, which will serve you and your family all year round and for years to come.

Swaddle yourself and your family in gorgeous Christmas sweaters this holiday season. You will be warm and keeping with the holiday themes at your family Christmas gatherings this year without compromising on personal taste and style. There is a Christmas sweater for everyone this year, so relax, sit back, and enjoy the hot cocoa!

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