What's in Season in Fall 2023?

What's in Season in Fall 2023?

Fall 2023 is all about comfort. If there's one thing this year has shown us all, it's how to feel at home in our own skin. And while we all love our favorite sweats, there are countless ways to add some style to your everyday look. Whether that means sporting those eclectic pieces you've been pining over or creating the neutral wardrobe of your dreams, this season is the best time to start showing off what really matters — you.

Color is also making a splash this season, though not in the way you might think. It's not all about bright neons or sultry reds. Instead, fall 2023 marks the start of the serious color story. What does that mean? A color story basically gives you the freedom to choose any color, tone, or hue, and asks you to play with shades of it throughout your entire outfit in different ways. If you have a pair of dark green pants you've been waiting to wear, pull out a light-colored blouse and an olive-colored cardigan. Loving your new camel trench coat? Find other neutrals in your closet that will play off each other and take the day by storm.

For Women

At the cross-section of comfort and color story comes classic dresses for women. From wrap dresses to cowl necks, all our cotton-blend dresses — from jersey to modal — are soft, cozy, and cut to fit any body perfectly. You can start with a long sleeve dress and pair it with a scarf for an added pop of color, or stick with a sleeveless option and throw on a cool blazer or cashmere cardigan to keep the chill off.

When we say color, we mean every color. Reds, purples, and oranges are delightful reminders of the season, but they're not the only way to spice up your outfit. Greens, blues, and yellows have so much depth and variety to offer your color story. Still, grays, black, white, and tans bring their own narrative to the table, so don't shy away because you're concerned about what other seasons have deemed "drab" — Fall 2023 is about staying true to what suits you best.

Any statement pieces that you pull in to brighten up your outfit should always be items you actually want to wear. Might as well pick something out that first catches your eye, since there's a good chance it'll turn heads wherever you go. If you prefer a more subtle approach, try starting off with bolder colors than you normally wear.

For Men

When you think of fall, do you dream of flannel? Men's flannel shirts are always in season, and this year is no different. Shake things up by finding flannel in solid colors or unique prints, rather than the expected plaid pattern. This material is so soft, you might get stuck cuddling on the couch all day instead of showing off your sweet new look.

Corduroy is another cozy material that doubles as chic in the cooler months, and it's back in a big way. From men's shirts to pants, you'll come to find that cords are not at all what you remember them to be. If you're in need of dress pants, grab a pair of our comfort-first fine wale cords in dark carnelian (maroon), dark olive green, deep-sea navy, or a more traditional khaki. With built-in stretch, these pants feel just as good as they're going to look.

Just because these fabrics are oh-so-comfortable does not mean that they're somehow deemed unprofessional. You can always tighten things up with a blazer or sport coat if need be. Check out the tailored fit comfort-first year-rounder suit jacket for a casual but classy outerwear option.

For Kids

If your kids are headed to school, make sure they have a cute backpack that shows off their own personal flair. If your budding style star is looking for an accessory to make their outfit pop, pick up a cool kids' headband which offers the added bonus of keeping their hair (and hands) out of their face.

Let's not get too serious about kids' fashion this season. Dresses no longer need to be stuffy or starched. A fun cotton dress with leggings and a light jacket is perfect for a fall outing, from pumpkin picking to leaf-pile jumping. And kids' hoodies are great for showing off their personalities while keeping them warm as the temperature drops.

Fall 2023 marks the start of a new fashion cycle. Comfort and color are big-ticket items this season, so be sure to prioritize what you want to wear, instead of what you think might be cool. The only "cool" you'll want to worry about is the dropping temperatures, and how to best stay comfy as winter starts to peek around the corner.


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