A Guide to Sitting Out on the Deck This Fall

A Guide to Sitting Out on the Deck This Fall

The long summer days may be well behind us, but the fall is filled with plenty of gorgeous weather to enjoy. In fact, fall is the perfect time to sit out and relax in your yard or on your deck. Make the most of this brilliantly colorful season with these tips for sitting out on the deck this fall.

Snuggle Up

Fall marks the start of snuggle season. And there’s no better way to snuggle up than with a couple of thick, warm throw blankets. Choose a few in your favorite colors or styles, or opt for an outdoor-ready synthetic blanket that can easily be washed without a fuss. You’ll want to have blankets nearby to curl up when the breeze blows, the sun dips behind a cloud, or your feet feel a slight chill. Bring your blankets inside during poor weather to increase their longevity. Overall, outdoor throws are a must-have this fall season.

Keep Your Toes Toasty

Don’t forget to keep your feet warm this fall with your favorite cozy socks. Look for thicker socks that work to keep your feet insulated while you relax and lounge in the yard. Wool, fleece, sherpa wool, and other thick, comfy fabrics work well for crisp fall days. On brisk days, even slippers with a rubber sole, moccasins, or small booties are a great way to keep warm in your back yard. Choose footwear that will keep you cozy, but isn’t uncomfortable. Being able to move your ankles is important while lounging, so consider something like fuzzy socks or slippers that allow for maximum movement. Don’t forget to clean your slippers before you go inside in order to stop tracking dirt in. Or have a dedicated pair of “yard shoes” that are suitable for wearing outdoors at home, but don’t see a lot of mileage outside of the house.

Wear Your Favorite Flannel

The fall is all about being comfortable and watching the foliage change colors. Warm drinks, snuggly sweaters, cozy blankets, and your favorite flannel shirts are all the rage this season. Cozy up with a flannel shirt, you can wear a basic tank top underneath for added warmth. Couple this with your coveted pair of women’s jeans for the ultimate flawless, yet relaxed look. Wearing comfortable clothes brings you the ultimate in backyard lounging this fall. Look for warmer fabrics that keep you cozy while you relax in a hammock with your favorite book.

Sit in the Sun

Not all fall seasons were created equal. Some climates are chillier than others. Take advantage of the sun’s rays if you live in a climate where the fall feels cool. Sunlight keeps you warm and it can actually feel much hotter than the thermometer might indicate. Throw on a wide-brimmed sun hat and sit out in a sunny spot to stay toasty and warm while hanging out on the back deck.

Keep in mind, that you can always have too much of a good thing, so don’t forget sun protection if you opt for this route. Alternatively, warmer-weather climates might want to keep the back deck umbrella out for just a few more weeks. Shade helps you stay cooler and keeps the sun at bay. Can’t make up your mind? Don’t worry! Simply set up two spots and move when you get uncomfortable for a maximum relaxing time.

Relax and Stretch

Lounging on chairs and in hammocks can eventually cause some tight muscles, it’s tough to work relaxing after all! Consider busting out your yoga mat and women’s yoga pants. Carve out 10 to 15 minutes (or more) of stretch time to really work out those sore muscles. Yoga offers a rejuvenating way to spend time outside. Start by taking three deep breathes to clear your mind. Lead your own practice or use an app to enable you to have a personalized yoga session right at your fingertips. The result is a zen state that will bring you peace and harmony to your day. Yoga is not only a great way to spend the day on your back deck, but it’s excellent for your health too.

When it comes to activities to do this fall, there is nothing more rejuvenating than spending the day lounging on your back deck. Get outside and enjoy the last of the warm weather by planning a low-key day relaxing outside. Take a nap in a hammock, work from your back porch, or enjoy a yoga session in the sun. You’ll feel refreshed, rewarded, and ready to tackle your week.


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