Keep it Fresh: Fall Finds for Your Kids

Keep it Fresh: Fall Finds for Your Kids

When it comes to back-to-school shopping, clothing is a big to-buy item. With changing fashions and growing kids, you’ll likely need quite a bit of new clothing for the upcoming school year. But shopping for fall clothing for your kids doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, you can make this season’s shopping a breeze with these easy and fun fall clothing ideas for kids.

Their Favorite Staples

At the top of any fall shopping list for kids’ clothing should be the staple items they use each and every day. Bulk up on your kid’s favorites like jeans, socks, T-shirts, and more. These staple items are always great to have on-hand since kids use and wear out their clothing. So go ahead and get a few pairs of jeans to replace the ones they ripped over summer. Replace those muddy, dirty shoes they’ve outgrown.

Puffy Jackets

Chances are if your child is still growing, they’ve far outgrown their kid’s winter coats. Snag a new jacket, vest, or winter coat this fall to help them transition into the colder months. The best winter coats for kids have lots of pockets to store little treasures and plenty of warmth. Your child should be able to move freely so they can still get out and play. Look for fun natural prints or plaid and camo. Fabrics have gotten fun and colorful this season, so look for funky jackets that bring your kiddos’ personalities to life.

Rain Gear

Rain gear is another essential item that’s perfect for fall. As the precipitation goes from rain to snow, you’ll want to make sure your kids stay dry. Look for rain boots that have fun prints, such as their favorite animal or a unique geometric design that adds a little splash of color to a gloomy day. Snag a rain slicker to match the fabulous designs on the boots. When they walk to school, they’ll be covered with the right raincoat and slickers for full protection.

School Uniforms

Give your kids' school uniforms the makeover they deserve. Of course, there are a lot of rules when it comes to uniformed schools, so be sure to follow the specific guidelines given by your child’s school. However, many fresh new styles fit within these dress codes. Search for new jumpers, dresses, and skirts for girls. Get some pants and shorts for boys. Don’t forget about some fresh new sweats for sports and gym class.

Fresh Prints

This year is all about fun prints and designs. Let your kid show off their personal style with fun kids’ T-shirts with graphics. Grab a few fresh tees that feature your child’s favorite things. From space to surfing, there’s a variety of cute T-shirts and blouses for kids. Bring a fresh new concept to fall shopping and let your kid choose what they would like to wear this season. If they’re older, give them a budget and total freedom to choose their clothing for fall. They’ll get a valuable lesson in budgeting and be able to have the ultimate freedom with their wardrobe.

Fancy Footwork

With growing kids, you may feel like you’re constantly buying new shoes. Chances are you’ll be refreshing your child’s footwear collection this fall. Opt to get matching shoes for their favorite outfits. Blacks, blues, and darker shades tend to hide the dirt and grime, while whites, tans, and lighter hues go with any outfit. Sneakers and shoes for play are a must-have every fall. But don’t forget about the boots, loafers, and flats. Let your kid pick shoes that are comfy in order to get the most life out of them. Keep in mind that different brands make different sizes and shapes, so always try on footwear at the store before making a purchase.

Dresses and More

If your daughter loves to get dressed up, don’t forget to purchase a few skirts and dresses for girls this fall. Choose heavier fabrics to give a little more insulation, or buy a cute pair of leggings that she can wear with the dress for extra warmth. Choose colors and patterns that are fresh for fall. Use natural tones and muted colors. Add in cute accessories like a kids’ scarf to round out the look.

Overall, kids’ fall clothing has lots of potential this season. From their favorite staples to a cute new dress, there are plenty of styles to get excited about. Let your kids express themselves by making their wardrobe their choice this fall. As a result, they will discover the best fall finds for kids’ clothing.


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