10 Fall Essentials for Women in Their 30s

10 Fall Essentials for Women in Their 30s

At Lands' End we pride ourselves on knowing what's important to our customers. And, not to brag, but we think we've done a pretty good job figuring out what it is you really care about during this busy part of your life – your time and who you spend it with. Between building a career, finding love and living your best life there's no way you have valuable minutes to waste worrying about what to wear to start your day (and seize it). After all, you know what you look good in – why stress about it? Stack your closet with a few stylish, quality fall wardrobe essentials and you'll never worry about what to wear again – at least not until the middle of winter. Read on for our picks of the top 10 fall essentials every woman in her 30s needs in her closet this season.

1. Cotton Tees

In case you haven't gotten the memo, t-shirts aren't just for weekends anymore. Of course our quality Lands' End Supima Cotton tees look great with your favorite pair of skinny jeans grabbing brunch on a Sunday with your friends, but did you know they look just as good (if not better) worn with dress pants and heels at the office? It's true. Offered in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns, you'll find they're exactly that 'pop of color' you've been craving in your business casual work attire.

But if you're looking for something that layers beautifully under a blazer or jacket for a more office-professional look you may want to consider our cotton modal tees instead. Made from a cotton modal blend these lightweight, breathable, comfy tees are made from just enough cotton for shape but with a bit of stretch – which makes them the ideal base for your layered look. Plus they won't lose that shape you fell in love with even after that first wash. Guaranteed. Period.

2. Great Fitting Jeans

Chances are you already have a pair of favorite jeans but do you have a favorite pair of women's jeans in every style and color? Ok, every color may be going a bit over board but when it comes to great fitting jeans, why stop at just one? After all, you know as well as we do that some outfits just work better with a slim leg as opposed to a flare or a light wash denim versus dark. That's exactly why we'd suggest getting yourself a pair of jeans in each fantastic cut, style and wash – or as many as your drawers (and budget) allow.

Sound a little overwhelming? It shouldn't. At landsend.com we do our best to make it easy for you to find the right jeans for your body shape. If you're looking to walk a little taller from time to time you may want to consider our Women's High Rise Slim Leg Jeans. Made from denim with excellent stretch these jeans are designed to bounce back beautifully to keep that flattering fit you love. Plus, the high rise style elongates the legs, giving the illusion of a longer, leaner you. Our selection of curvy women's jeans are a great choice for anyone who wants to accentuate her curves without sacrificing comfort. Available in Mid Rise and High Rise options, these jeans are designed specifically for curvy women offering a little extra shape through the hip and thigh.

We could go on telling you about all of the great features you'll love in every pair of women's jeans – like contoured waists that won't gap in the back and front pockets designed to smooth your shape. Or we could just tell you that our jeans are made with a universal fit in mind. Basically the fit of our jeans is so consistent and flattering that you can try on any pair of Lands' End jeans and know it'll be just right. Unfortunately we can't say the same about how you choose to style them (rolled at the cuff, just above the ankle).

3. A Classic Rugby Shirt

Working hard and playing harder go hand in hand – especially during football season. Stake your place on the sidelines in comfortable style this fall when you cheer from the stands in one of our Women's Rugby shirts. Made with your comfort in mind you'll love how soft yet strong this shirt is. Authentic details make all the difference. Check out the rubber buttons at the collar, twill collar and twill taped side vents. This one is as tough as the game, even if you never leave the sidelines. So go ahead and wear it every weekend. It won't mind.

4. Cashmere Sweaters and Cardigans

Every woman needs a quality cashmere sweater or cardigan in her wardrobe must-haves. Made from 100% luxurious, 2-ply cashmere these sweaters are guaranteed to be amongst the softest you'll ever own – and will only get softer over time. Not only do our cashmere sweaters and cardigans make a great addition to any professional wardrobe but we've designed them with your flattering silhouette in mind, so you never have to sacrifice style for comfort.

5. Leggings

Exercise your right to comfort this fall in stylish leggings ready for anything the day throws at you. Not just for the gym anymore (though we make those too), our Women's Starfish Leggings are made from a soft cotton jersey knit that stretches for ease while also minimizing lumps and bumps, making them more than appropriate for everyday – and everywhere – wear. Our Women's Ponte Seamless Leggings are so refined and flattering, in fact, they bring "Casual Friday" to a whole new level of comfort. Whether worn with a sweatshirt, tunic or blouse, our leggings are a great addition to your weekly wardrobe rotation regardless of the season.

6. Tunics

Tunics are great for so many reasons. For one, they look pretty great paired with leggings or your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Second, you can't beat the length – just past hip length but not quite mid-thigh – aka the perfect amount of coverage. Not to mention the flowy comfort you could live in without a single complaint. Plus they're pretty. With so many different colors, patterns and styles to choose from you're sure to find the tunic you'll love at landsend.com.

7. Knit Pajamas

With a social life as busy as yours we're sure your nights out on the town far outweigh your nights spent in lounging on the couch. But, for those rare evenings when you find yourself with a little extra 'me time' to unwind, don't you want a pair of soft knit pajamas keeping you cozy? Our quality cotton pajamas are not the 'any old thing' kind of pjs you may be used to. Made from some of America's favorite cotton, our Lands End knit pajamas are so soft and comfortable, you'll declare every day to be pajama day – at least on the weekends.

8. Lightweight Jacket

At Lands' End we know that your life – much like the weather – can be a bit unpredictable. Be prepared for whatever tumultuous weather comes your way this fall in a weather-ready jacket that can keep you warm and dry until the clouds part. Perhaps you want a classic trench with a water-repellent shell to maintain your sleek professional look. Or you're looking for something slightly "cooler" like our Women's Aviator Insulated jacket designed with a shell that's both windproof and water resistant. Whether the forecast calls for wind, rain or shine, rest assured that at landsend.com you'll find several lightweight jackets sure to appeal to your savvy style sense.

9. Stylish Sneakers

Keep on your toes this fall and incorporate a fresh pair of sneakers into your weekly wardrobe rotation. Not only will your feet (and back) appreciate the break from those not-so-comfortable high heel shoes you squeeze into every morning but you'll actually be putting your best-fashion-foot forward by pairing crisp white Women's sneakers with your favorite slim leg jeans and a nice blouse or sweater. Now that's a trend we can stand behind.

10. Cozy Fleece Pull-Over

Great for a 'getting to know you hike' with a crush or cuddling on a horse drawn hayride, our fleece pull-overs are exactly what you need to make the most of the gorgeous great outdoors this fall. And one of the best features of our cozy fleece pull-overs? They love to layer, making them the perfect outerwear choice for all of your fall adventures. And yes, you can even wear them under a down vest without any uncomfortable bulk.

Don't spend another minute stressing over how to dress this fall. Shop landsend.com for your ultimate fall wardrobe today.


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