8 Easy Autumn Cocktail Ideas

8 Easy Autumn Cocktail Ideas

Turn your tastebuds as the leaves begin to fall this season. With cooling temps and shorter days, you’ll find more than one reason to take out your favorite flannel shirts and those crystal hi-ball glasses. This lineup of easy fall cocktails are perfect for any at-home happy hour or just because. 

Fall is in the Flavor

While you may start to keep a few more throw blankets around the house as the days grow shorter, you’ll also find yourself craving pumpkin spice and everything nice this fall. The key to a successful fall cocktail lies in the ingredients. Look for crisp and refreshing flavors this fall such as apple, ginger, pumpkin, and pomegranate. These delicious fall flavors are just as lively as the turning leaves. The result is a mouth-watering drink that celebrates the season.

Fizzy Apple Delights

Mix six parts gin with one part lemon juice. Add agave nectar and sparkling apple cider to taste. Shake it up and pour over ice. Garnish with an apple and lemon slice and you’ve got the perfect fall drink. Best enjoyed while lounging in your favorite women’s yoga pants and curled up with your favorite book.

The Classic Whiskey Sour

Whiskey sours never really go out of style. Make a drink that pairs perfectly with the crisp fall air. Our favorite part about a solid whiskey sour is just how easy they are to make. Mix 1.5 ounces of your favorite bourbon with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of sugar. Top it off with a maraschino cherry for a delightfully tart and sweet treat you’ll love. 

Pumpkin White Russian

Lean into everyone’s favorite fall flavor, pumpkin spice, with this must-have quick-and-easy fall cocktail. Snuggle up with your partner in your favorite lounge dress next to a crackling fire with this fall favorite. Simply combine one part pumpkin-spiced Kahlua with two parts vodka. Add in an ounce of heavy cream and whip with a shaker or whisk. Then pour into your favorite fall drinking glass and enjoy it.

Pomegranate Rum Delight

For larger gatherings, put together an autumn drink that everyone will get excited about. This pomegranate rum drink is perfect for a small fall happy hour. Start with one cup of pomegranate juice, a cup of spiced rum, and a bottle of prosecco. You’ll also need four hibiscus tea bags and a smashed cinnamon stick. Prep the tea by adding it to boiling water with the cinnamon stick. Let it steep for five minutes. Then combine the tea mixture and booze. Let the drink cool in the fridge, then serve. You’ll get about eight drinks so scale up or down depending on your gathering size.

Sparkling Pear Mimosas

Put a fall twist on your favorite brunch drink with this classic recipe. Absolutely the right choice for entertaining or just because. Create a regular mimosa (orange juice and champagne of your choice) but add a splash of pear nectar. Serve with a strip of orange zest. Slip-on your coziest cashmere sweater for women and enjoy this fall-flavored spritz.

Carmel Apple Mules

Your favorite fall treat now comes in a boozy drink form with this creative take on autumn flavors. Three parts vodka to one part caramel and two parts apple cider for the base. Mix well then top with ginger beer for an added brightness. Serve in a copper mule cup over ice to get the most out of the harvest flavors. This drink makes for a great sunset companion as you relax and unwind after a busy day.

Cranberry Smash

If you’re looking for a drink that’s unique to fall weather, check out the cranberry smash. Start with one-ounce cinnamon simple syrup (make your own or find it at a specialty liquor store). Combine with 3 ounces of cranberry juice (no sugar added), one ounce of bourbon, and one ounce of seltzer water. For even more of a burst of flavor, use orange-flavored seltzer water. Put on your coveted pair of women’s jeans, a comfy sweatshirt, and cozy scarf as you enjoy fall in a glass.

Warm Apple Martinis

Okay, so no heat required, but the nutty tastes of this delicious drink really bring a twist to this bar hall classic. Combine three ounces of apple cider with two ounces of pecan vodka for a deliciously nutty martini. Add a touch of maple syrup and a half-ounce of ginger liqueur for even more fall fun. Get dressed up with this drink by wearing choosing one of your hottest women’s dresses for a festive at-home happy hour.

These incredibly easy fall cocktail ideas bring out the best of the changing season. Deliciously fresh bursts of the fall harvest in every sip will put a smile on your face. Host a cocktail party or indulge in a little mixology for just you and a loved one. Overall, you’ll feel the warmth of fall with these signature drinks.


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