4 Fall Basics Every Kid Should Have in Their Closet

4 Fall Basics Every Kid Should Have in Their Closet

Just like adults, all kids have their unique style preferences. Perhaps you’re living with a budding fashionista who's always up to date on the current trends. Or maybe your kiddo always wants to wear something fuss-free, so they can get out the door faster when the playground is calling. No matter your kid’s wardrobe preferences, there are some clothing basics and essentials that every kid should have in their closet.

This is especially true for the fall season when the weather changes, and getting ready for the day might require a bit more forethought and layering. With school back in session, schedules getting a bit more packed than they might have been in summer, and with that fall air getting crisper by the day, having the necessary fall clothing basics on hand can make their lives (and yours!) all the easier. Read on for seasonal must-haves every kid should have in their autumn rotation.

A Flannel Button-Up Shirt

Is it even fall without some flannel in the mix? We certainly don’t think so! That’s why having a few girls' flannel shirts or boys' flannel shirts is in the closet is a must for the fall season.

Super-soft flannel button-up shirts are versatile, comfy, fuss-free, and oh-so-practical for the changing weather. Your kids can rock these tops buttoned-up under a jacket or sweater layer, wear them unbuttoned over a simple t-shirt, or even as a layer over a solid-color cotton dress. For many fall days, these will also be warm enough to wear as-is without having to think about layering – they’ll love how easy it is to throw one of these on with their favorite pair of jeans, pants, or leggings.

A Good Pair of Denim Blue Jeans

Speaking of their favorite pair of jeans, next up on our list is a classic pair of blue denim kids' jeans. Jeans are an easy choice all season long, and even if they have school uniforms that don’t allow jeans, they’ll get a ton of use out of these on the weekends or during after-school playdates.

Go for a pair of jeans that have a bit of stretch, and perhaps one with an elastic waistline, since they’ll want bottoms that are comfortable and flexible enough for any of their fall activities. Blue jeans are about as versatile as it gets, and they pair perfectly with a flannel button-down, a sweater, a fun graphic tee, or any of their other favorite tops.

A Solid Color Crewneck Sweater

Fall is the official start of sweater weather, so we couldn’t leave this classic sweater option off the list. While we love fun prints and designs, we think every kid needs one or two solid-hued crewneck sweaters in their closets. That’s because crewneck sweaters are perfect for layering, and by opting for a solid hue, they can get a ton of use out of this top.

The crewneck is a classic style when it comes to boys’ and girls' sweaters, and they look great over a buttoned-up flannel shirt, a polo shirt, or any other shirt that has a collar. Beyond being a timeless and classic look, a crewneck sweater over a collared shirt is often right on point for the fall weather. Kids can also easily add a layer – like a packable rain jacket or a denim jacket – if it’s one of those particularly chilly fall days.

A Plain Polo Shirt

Another fall basic that every kiddo should have in their closet is a kids' polo shirt. Comfy and fuss-free yet dressier looking than a standard tee, a polo shirt is perfect for the school day or even a fall event that calls for slightly spiffy attire.

Go for a few polo shirts in neutral colors, like navy blue, maroon, and perhaps a perfectly autumnal yellow hue. These polo shirts will look great with a plaid skirt, a pair of khaki chinos, or those go-to denim blue jeans. They can rock a short-sleeve polo under a comfy cardigan layer or a long-sleeve polo as-is if the weather allows it. Of course, bringing an extra layer, like a packable jacket, is always recommended for the season. A polo shirt works with basically any style of coat or jacket, adding to the versatility of this essential kids’ top.

When it comes to kids' clothes for fall, the basics we’ve listed above will keep them covered all season long. Even the trendy kid or adventurous dresser in your household will appreciate having the basics they need to build fun seasonal looks around. And for the kid that just wants to throw on something comfy and easy, they’ll be totally set with these versatile fuss-free items in their wardrobe.


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