4 Fall Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

4 Fall Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

As things chill out in the fall season, your wardrobe will undergo a change to some colder weather clothes. It's time to update and add little things here and there so you can shake things up from last year. One of the easiest ways to do this is with accessories. But do you really need another beanie? A cool new accessory can change an outfit—maybe even someone's style—but sometimes it's hard to find what you really need and what can make you and your style unique. Here are four fall accessories you didn't know you needed.

Earmuff Headphones

What? Genius! You have to keep your ears warm this fall anyway, so you might as well get some tunes out of it! Just think of walking in the park on a chilly autumn morning with the leaves falling around you or sitting on the couch by the fire on a cold evening after work and you have mood music or your favorite playlist to accompany you as you enjoy these classic fall experiences. There are soft, comfortable sets with fluffy ears and everything. A single tone in a neutral color like white, black, gray, or navy means you can put your headphone earmuffs with just about any outfit. If you like your accessories to pop, consider a bolder color like pink or go for a patterned pair! Whatever your style, add some theme music to this year's fall with earmuff headphones.

Oxford Boots and Crazy Socks

Imagine an austere pair of mid-calf oxford women's boots, waterproof and fall-efficient, with a pair of brightly colored sunflower women's socks peeking out the top! Oxford boots have a very British school feel and autumn is a perfect time to indulge in that kind of academia style.

On the other hand, no one needs to be too strait-laced! Add some fun fall socks to show the world who you are. Will you choose black with autumn leaves? What about layers of pumpkins and candles on a maroon base? There are even socks with bear and cat faces on top, some even made with little ears to complete your favorite animal. Between academia and adorableness, this combo is an essential for anyone's fall.

A Funky Scarf

Scarves are classic fall accessories. They keep you warm and are usually easy to store so you can get a lot of them, and thus, have a lot of options for changing up your outfit. Plus, in the fall, you'll have some warm days, so you may be able to add a dress scarf or two to your collection that won't overheat you. So what would count as an unusual scarf? What about a fringy multi-fiber scarf? Or a ruffled lace knit scarf in white and green or white and red? These are light enough to keep you cool on a warmer fall day but cute enough to make an impact. If you need some heat, try a tartan blanket scarf. That will definitely keep you toasty. Some of them are so big, they almost function as tops. Swath yourself in cool tartan patterns, use it as a shawl for mornings with coffee, or keep it as a blanket for cold nights under autumn stars. So many options!

A Unique Hat

If you were ever going to wear a cool women's hat, fall is the time. It's not just for floppy felt hats or the classy fedoras (though those are adorable too), but also for the hats we never get to wear anymore. Look for a loose beret like a French artist or a gatsby hat—something a driver might wear in The Great Gatsby. A flatter newsboy hat, like a beret with a brim in front as seen in The Newsies, might also be a fun style to try. A cloche hat from the 1920s, kind of like a bucket hat with a stronger structure and better shape, could be interesting too! Find the hat that will make your fall special!

If you do opt for a hat, another fun accessory to add is a hat holder. It's a clip you put on your purse for when you're inside and want to take your hat off. You clip the edge of your hat to the hat holder and you have a place for your hat to hang while you're in a meeting or freshening up in the bathroom. Perfect!

Everyone has special finds that can change their season. If you like some of the options on this list, grab your favorite at your local store and make it your own! If you need more inspiration, take some friends on a fall clothing hunt for that little something that will catch your eye and make you smile.


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