Happily Ever After: Fairy Tale Touches for the Home

Happily Ever After: Fairy Tale Touches to Keep Your Home Cheery

What’s better than living in your ultimate fairy tale? All those books and movies you read as a kid can come to life. Maybe you were swimming under the sea among vibrant coral reefs collecting objects from another world, or perhaps you were the kind to go on adventures in the woods outfitted with a cape collecting flowers. Or maybe you were the friend to every creature in the forest, singing and dancing all day long. Whatever your favorite hero or heroine, you can imitate those vibes in your home.

Everything from rugs to throw blankets to wall décor to candles can help recreate those fairy tale feelings of joy and comfort with a bit of whimsy. Read on for some decorating tips to help make your home feel cheery all year long.

Color Palette

When you first start thinking of how to recreate a fairy tale feel in your home, daydream a bit about what colors most evoke your favorite childhood story. Is it rich emerald greens and deep Baltic blues from the ocean? Or vivid reds and yellows from sun-soaked pastures? Or pastels like dusty rose and periwinkle from a magical castle. Considering a color palette first can help you define the whole space. Remember that a little can go a long way, so making thoughtful choices and little nods here and there can be super effective at making your home as happy as Ariel when she finds a dinglehopper.

An easy way to bring those colors to life is with throw blankets. Go for a deep-sea blue if you’re thinking of dreamy underwater caverns and being best pals with Ariel. The throw comes in a subtle herringbone pattern to keep it feeling grown-up too. Add a few more touches to the room, like a coral art print or a green mermaid tail light switch. It doesn’t have to completely drown you in under the sea vibes—just enough to make it sparkle. Complement these touches with corresponding linens in a variety of ocean blue hues.


Most fairy tales take place in wondrous nature-filled settings. Snow White lived amongst cute and furry animals; Jack climbed the most impressive beanstalks; Little Red Riding Hood gathered flowers in a deep wood. The best way to bring this magical feeling to life is to invite nature right into your home. Hit up your local flower market or plant store to pick up some low-maintenance varieties like a pathos or snake plant.

For some color and delicacy, get an orchid or other flowers and go wild! Even when the flowers have run their course, the gorgeous green waxy leaves are a beautiful addition to any room. Putting one in every room is sure to make you smile. Put some dried grasses or reeds in a tall narrow vase or some adorable bright yellow billy buttons in a little ceramic vase for a pop of color and a reminder of the verdant natural world.

To complement, grab some home furnishings made of natural materials like some of these gorgeous seagrass baskets. They can be used anywhere from a bathroom to store extra towels to the living room to keep extra blankets at the ready for a movie night with the kids when you share with them your favorite fairy tale. And don’t forget what’s underfoot—a bathroom rug in a botanical print ties the whole room together.


When we tap into scent memories, we are instantly transported to another time and place. The easiest way to control the scent in a room is with a delightfully fragrant candle. For a woodsy smell, go for one with notes of moss, amber, or teak. For something floral, find a scent profile with rose, geranium, or even fruits like citrus. If you like something a little darker to remind you of any of wicked stepmothers, pick a more daring scent like ash, tobacco, or even black pepper.

A great room to use candles is in the bathroom. In addition to making that fairy tale vibe, a couple of candles also do double duty to help with those pesky bathroom smells. Think of something bright and cheery like ocean mist or sun-drenched beach scents and pair them with some monogrammed towels that meet the scent at the same joy frequency.


Last but not least, don’t forget to consider fabrics when reimagining whimsical fairy tales in your home. If you like the huntsman who saved our dear Little Red Riding Hood, pick up some throw pillows in a bold buffalo check or a duvet cover in a striking plaid. And don’t forget one of our women’s travel bags for your adventures on the forest trail. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across a little fox or baby raccoon—good thing you had your camera at the ready stored in your bag.

If Beauty’s castle is more your style, lace your bedroom with luscious silky fabrics. Or Snow White’s comfy knit dresses will do the trick, too. Emulating clothing and linens is a great way to make those princess vibes a reality and still keeping you in grown-up sophistication.

Nothing beats the joy of your favorite fairy tale. Make your home just as lovely for yourself and your family with these elegant fairy tale touches.


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