Facts about Linen Shirts

Facts About Linen Shirts

Update your closet with linen shirts. Although linen is considered a summer fabric, men’s and women’s linen shirts can be layered under heavier apparel in fall and winter. Keep reading to learn more about this versatile fabric and how to style linen shirts during all seasons.

What Is Linen?

Linen is a natural-fiber fabric derived from the flax plant. The plant is either pulled or cut from the ground and seeds are separated from fiber. When expertly woven, flax fibers transform into the fabric we know as linen, which is prized for its softness, breathability and strength. It’s often combined with cotton fibers to create a fabric that offers the best features of each.

Linen isn’t just used for men’s and women’s shirts. There are linen sheet sets and duvet covers, along with other linen home furnishings. In many cases, this fabric is machine washable—but always check the care label to make sure.

There are decorative pillows crafted with linen. You may even find linen tablecloths and other dining room pieces. The many uses of this sustainably sourced, plant-based fabric makes it a favorite for many fashion and decor applications. Linen home furnishings are ideal for summer but elegant enough to leave out all year.

Women’s Linen Shirts

The best time to wear a linen shirt is in the summer, but as mentioned you can adapt them to suit every season. Women’s linen shirts come in casual sleeveless and short-sleeve styles. There are also long-sleeve button-down shirts for when you want more coverage. The unique texture and composition of linen allows for plenty of airflow, so even a long-sleeve linen shirt is likely to be cool and comfortable in the summer.

Linen is a moisture-wicking, fast-drying fabric. Wear a linen blouse with capri pants and wedge sandals for a classic summer outfit. If you plan to do lots of shopping or sightseeing, swap the heeled sandals for a pair of walking sandals. This footwear type has an open design to keep your feet cool and many of the same features as traditional walking shoes.

If you want a versatile women’s top for a summer day at the office or a luxury resort, consider an A-line linen tunic. There are multiple fashion benefits to this shirt style. A-line tops are universally flattering and tunics provide ample coverage. Wear one with capris or skinny jeans.

Even leggings or jeggings can be worn with a linen tunic top in summer. In fall, adapt the look by slipping a long open cardigan sweater over the tunic and adding women’s boots. Fashion scarves are on-trend accessories and can add extra warmth to a linen top and sweater combo.

Men’s Linen Shirts

Men’s linen shirts have an upscale vacation vibe, but they can also be suitable for business-casual offices when paired with men’s chinos or dress pants. Pair a men’s button-down shirt with cargo shorts for a casual weekend look. There are men’s linen shirts for every body type in traditional fits, along with linen/cotton-blend men’s T-shirts.

If you’re shopping for a gift for Father’s Day, Christmas or any other occasion, consider gifting your recipient with a linen shirt. Linen apparel is luxurious, whether you opt for a formal collared shirt or a casual tee.

Whether you’re buying a men’s shirt for yourself or a gift, there are plenty of ways to style linen. For button-downs, you can add a tie and jacket or wear them as-is for a laid-back look. T-shirts can be paired with any type of men’s shorts. For an upscale athleisure look, wear a linen or linen-blend T-shirt with athletic shorts and your favorite high-top trainers or summer slides.

In fall and winter, men’s linen shirts can be layered beneath a sweater or jacket. Men’s cardigan cashmere sweaters come in a wide variety of colors to complement most tees and button-downs, in cardigan and pullover styles. There are also men’s sweater vests for moderate fall days and a semi-formal look. Complete the outfit with men’s dress shoes. You can also add accessories such as a pair of cuff links or a tie pin.

Other Linen Essentials

Linen shirts aren’t the only must-have made from this fabric. Linen is a popular material for women’s skirts and dresses, and you can even find wide-leg cropped pants made from this ultra-comfortable natural fabric. As mentioned, linen bedding is good for summer for the same reasons as linen apparel. It’s breathable and soft, and most linen sheets and duvets are machine washable.

Explore the selection of linen shirts, dresses, pants, and other items to find plenty of fashionable options. Linen clothing for men and women can be integrated into a capsule wardrobe for any season, especially summer. For maximum versatility, keep colors neutral in your capsule wardrobe but don’t be afraid to add a few bright, bold colors as an accent.




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