6 Fabulous Monogrammed Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

6 Fabulous Monogrammed Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Trying to come up with new and creative Christmas gifts can be a tough challenge. How do you get your friends and family presents as unique and as special as they are without wasting your time or breaking the bank? Maybe there are certain people on your list you don't know very well but you still want to extend some holiday cheer. Whatever your reason, monogrammed gifts can help! With the name of your recipient or a clever phrase written on your item of choice, you can give a respectable gift to anyone in your life. Here are six fabulous monogrammed gift ideas for your loved ones.

1) Christmas Stockings

While some people may already have something to hang over the fireplace, a personalized Christmas stocking makes a thoughtful, special Christmas gift. Get a simple red stocking with a fuzzy white trim for those who like the classic stocking look. Others might prefer a knitted stocking with wintery scenes and holiday imagery. Request your loved one's name on the trim or, if the stocking design is a bit plainer, write it vertically along the center of the stocking. You could also opt for a giant, ornate initial front and center. Pick the one that catches your eye and make sure to give it before Christmas Day so Santa can fill it!

2) Christmas Ornaments

Another classic Christmas gift is a Christmas ornament. No tree is complete without ornaments. We use them to remember life events or just each other. There are lovely wooden ornaments with elaborate and detailed embellishments surrounding your loved one's name. Others have photos of family or little pictures depicting special events like weddings or newborns. Some are Christmas trees with the name letters on presents or stacked up the little tree. Soccer balls, basketballs, and baseballs can satisfy the sporty, and there's even a baby Yoda ornament wishing you a Merry Christmas for the Star Wars fans in your life. How can you go wrong?

3) A Christmas Tree Skirt

This is a unique idea. Most people don't think about Christmas tree skirts but they're wonderful for keeping pine needles out of the carpets and out of the bare feet that run up to see the presents on Christmas Day. Some people make do with old bedsheets while others have ancient tree skirts that could use replacement. If the person on your list would like something special and useful, a tree skirt might be just the thing! Plus, when you have a warm red fabric monogrammed with a family's name, it becomes a special addition to the familial holiday atmosphere. Go for it!

4) Christmas Sweaters

Can't forget the classic Christmas sweater! Some of them are cute and tasteful, like a red sweater with a white snowflake pattern on it. Others are... Well, they seem to get wilder every year. If you're trying to find a nice option, go with your loved one's initials in a flowy cursive script. These letters in green under a Christmas hat on a black background would look great. Alternatively, try putting the letters in big and bold buffalo plaid on a white or heathered gray sweater. If, on the other hand, you were going for something a little more unrestrained, make sure you pick out a doozy and proclaim your recipient's name big and bold for all to see!

5) Christmas Pillows

Pillows are great — they make hard chairs comfier and snuggle with us when we cuddle on the couch in front of a Christmas movie. Gift a monogrammed pillow to someone on your list this year. Choose a neutral color or a color to match your recipient's decor so the pillow can be out all year round, or just go for a bright Christmas green! Whether you opt for a lumbar pillow or a throw pillow, it's sure to see use and it'll be a great addition to any house.

6) Christmas Candles

Did you know you could monogram candles? Candles are great gifts at any time, but they're particularly perfect for the Christmas season. Have your loved one's name or initials stickered or stenciled onto the candle holder or onto the candle itself. Give a classic scent of the season like cinnamon and nutmeg, pumpkin spice, apple cider, or any other Christmasy combination that catches your nose's fancy. Whatever the holiday scent of your choice is, monogram it and give it with love.

Some of the ideas on this list you might have known about, while others might be new. Either way, explore the world of monogramming and see how you can make those close to you smile with a special gift this Christmas.


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