9 Fabulous Ideas for A Unique Summer Wedding

9 Fabulous Ideas for A Unique Summer Wedding

Lots of weddings happen during the summer. So, what's going to make your wedding stand out? Here are nine aspects to consider with recommendations and ideas sure to inspire.

Focus on the Unusual

1) Shapes

Changing certain shapes or altering certain features can bring a whole new atmosphere to a party. What if the ceremony had an octagonal arbor? An arbor is the wedding arch you stand in front of when you say your vows. Maybe it should be a pentagon. Perhaps instead of the usual white aisle runner, you set flower petals along the way in attractive, swirling patterns. It's something interesting to look at before the wedding starts. And by the time the bride gets there, the petals have been scattered into a floral aisle runner. See what else you can tweak to give your wedding your own special flair.

2) Decor

This is a fun element to play with. If you're the impish and merry type, try putting some colorful balloons among your flowers and plants and greenery. It's a quirky yet festive touch, plus it could save you money on your florals. What about taking some inspiration from other cultures? If your reception is outdoors, consider a Moroccan theme with large pillows with blankets for seats with gorgeous carpets and Arabian lanterns. A Princess Jasmine wedding dress could also be a dream come true for some of you out there!

Focus on Fun

3) Games

Summer is definitely the most lively season. Highlight this aspect by bringing in interesting games for your guests to play. A scavenger hunt could be an enjoyable event. A photo scavenger hunt with selfies at certain gorgeous locations at your venue would be a great way to make memories at your wedding. Giant chess or checkers might also be intriguing. Other fun large-sized games include giant Jenga, giant tic-tac-toe, and maybe even some giant jigsaw puzzles.

4) Drinks

Summertime, party time! Have summery concoctions and mixes for your guests to savor. Think mai tais, pina coladas, mimoas, sangria and hibiscus rum punch. But the drinks available for your guests shouldn't be limited to just alcohol. Not only might it be a good idea to offer virgin options, but you could also have a classic summer lemonade stand! Let your guests use traditional lemonade, pink lemonade, and maybe a punch selection to mix their own special lemonade drinks. A fun addition could be to use ice cream in place of or in addition to ice cubes.

Focus on Water

5) Poolside

It's hot enough, what if you had your reception at a pool? Make it BYOB with changing rooms available for those who aren't wearing theirs underneath their clothes, and you can treat your guests to cooling waters, comfortable outdoor furniture, and pool games to celebrate your wedding. Barbecue could be an easy food choice; add in some pretty flowers with a cake, and you have yourself an epic pool party reception!

6) Beach

Whether you're lakeside or oceanside, use your nearest beach to make your wedding a stunning experience. Barefoot in the sand against a gorgeous sunset is a made-to-order romantic set up, and all you did was book a venue! Waterside boardwalks, nearby tidepools and footpaths, or local shops can offer an engaging range of experiences for your guests. Additionally, beach towels would make easy and excellent party favors.

7) Boats

If you're near the water anyway, why not grab a houseboat, have a pontoon party, or spring for an ocean yacht experience? If you're worried about fitting all of your guests, don't worry! While a boat could serve as your venue, it can also function as entertainment. Have your guests take turns touring around the lake or feeling the ocean breeze in their hair. If you and yours are on the casual side, consider jumping off for a swim!

Focus on Color

8) Bright

The colors of summer are unique. Think the green blues of a tropical ocean on a bright day. It will have tones of turquoise in the shallows with a darker, mysterious cobalt farther off in the deep, all set against an azure sky. Consider also the colors of flowers. Fuschia and orchid purple could look marvelous together in a bouquet?—you might even be able to put in some orange. Use pale lemonade, blush pink, and sandy hues to balance out some of the brighter colors, and you have some gorgeous summer colors to brighten up your wedding.

9) Bold

Make your combinations pop by going bold! Soft colors can certainly be sophisticated, but you're looking to be unique! Combine your bright colors, zany shapes, and quirky activities with a fantastic view and your favorite food, and you have one fabulously unique summer wedding!

With these ideas as your starting point, let your mind sail off into a world of possibilities. Remember, you're the most unique thing about your wedding. Keeping these suggestions in mind is how you can create a wonderful experience for guests and your bridal party alike.


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