5 Exciting Activities to Do at the Beach

5 Exciting Activities to Do at the Beach

Sometimes you go to the beach to take a break. You want to get away from job stress or other stressors and just lay on a beach towel in the sand and do nothing. Other times, you go to shake things up and do something interesting or exciting! If you are looking for some fun activities to liven up your life on a beach day, you've come to the right place! Here are five awesome activities to do while you are at the beach.


This is a classic ocean sport. Standing on a surfboard and gliding along the ocean at the speed of the tide, racing toward the shore. Learning to surf is usually relatively simple. There are often places along the beach where you can sign up for lessons or rent yourself some boards for a little while. Start shallow in the white water. After practicing your technique, work your way to the unbroken waves out beyond where the waves break. If standing on a board is just beyond you or the waves are way too big on the day you go, consider boogie boarding. Boogie boarding is a little easier than surfing, but you can still catch a wave and fly along the water's surface; you just stay on your belly. Whichever board you like, opt for a rash guard to protect your skin, especially if you are wearing a two-piece swimsuit.

Another form of surfing is called windsurfing or kite surfing. This is fascinating to try, and, depending on the wind, it can get you up to much faster speeds than ocean surfing. How it works is this: you have a board that is similar to a surfboard, and you have a kite that you hold on to and use to catch the wind. The wind in the kite pulls you along, and you skim the face of the ocean out beyond where the waves break. The stronger the wind, the faster you go. It is a very exciting way to experience the sea on a beach day.


This activity uses a kite just like windsurfing does but in a slightly different way. You start behind a boat and are strapped into your kite instead of holding on to it. The boat starts going, and instead of surfing on the water, you fly up into the air! The kite is much larger to be able to support you as you glide about. The view of the sea is stunning from so high up, and the noises fade away as you get further from the boat. You also get the unique experience of looking back at the shore and experiencing the coastline from an extraordinary vantage point. A wild beach adventure if there ever was one!

Jet Skiing

If you were looking for high speeds, few activities can beat jet skiing. These machines are like motorcycles on water, bouncing across waves and traversing the ocean with all the pizzaz of a racer. Speaking of racing, having a jet ski buddy and seeing who can drive the best and the fastest is a great way to spend some jet ski time. You can also start a water fight by taking a turn and carving the water with your jet ski. Splash and spray each other until you both are soaked and laughing uproariously. Wear men's or women's board shorts with a waist tie in case you turn a little too sharply and bounce off for an impromptu dip!

Scuba Diving

While scuba diving is a bit slower-paced, it is still quite the experience. Put on a bathing suit, dive deep, and see what there is to see. Exploring the silent coral villages teeming with life can be exhilarating. Swimming through a school of fish or greeting a sea turtle is a thrill in the making. If you are looking for even more excitement, search for a sight of a shark or dolphin roaming about. That will certainly give your heart a bit of a start!

Riding a Horse

This is a shoreside activity but is very romantic and definitely interesting. Riding a horse along the water and possibly going into the water for a swim with your ride would be very fun. If you are feeling a little bored, try galloping along the sand for a little while with the wind in your hair and the sun shining on your face. Now that's exciting!

With all of these fun activities to do at the beach, there's no reason not to choose one and get your blood pumping! Have an awesome time with your next ocean adventure!


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