Camping in the Spring: Everything You Need

Camping in the Spring: Everything You Need

Waking up with the sun, cooking over an open fire, listening to a nearby babbling brook and the birds chirping, basking in new blooms (and likely in a cloud of bug spray, too, let’s be real): yep, we’re talking about spring camping. Camping is ideal for spring because after being cooped up all winter, heading out into the wilderness with some friends and a tent is the best way to reconnect with nature. And if you don’t want to head all the way into the wilderness, don’t fret; simply find a campsite that offers glamping amenities, too!

Regardless of how intense (or in-tents, rather!) you walk your spring camping trip to be, there are some things you need to make your adventure a success. Being properly prepared for camping not only makes it more fun but also makes it much safer. The great outdoors can easily become not-so-great without having the essentials on hand, so read on for the top things you need for camping in the spring.

A Reservation

First and foremost, you need a reservation for spring camping. Remember those chirping birds we mentioned? And the babbling brook? The fresh blooming flora and fauna? The magical outdoorsy offerings that this season provides aren’t a secret, so chances are other people will be flocking to your nearby campsites as well. So, be sure to plan, and book a reservation for a campsite either online or via the phone well in advance of your adventure.

A Tent and Warm Sleeping Bag

Okay, these might seem a bit obvious, but they’re worth mentioning! First, before you go camping, be sure that your tent doesn’t have any rips and that you have all of the rods and poles it needs to work. That way you can avoid any surprises (of the not-so-fun variety!) as you set up the campsite.

Since we all know about those April showers, you should also bring a tarp to put under your tent, in case the ground is or gets wet. And, while that spring sunshine might be calling your name, make sure you bring a sleeping bag that’ll keep you cozy and warm when the temps drop at night.

A Day Bag for Hiking

If your camping trip agenda includes exploring any nearby trails for a long walk or hike, be sure to bring along a day-use backpack with lots of pockets.

With a backpack on hand, you can venture away from the campsite without having to leave all of your essentials behind. Make sure your backpack is large enough to carry items like sunscreen, bug spray, a first aid kit, and of course, snacks and lots of water, but not so big that it’s cumbersome to carry on the trail.

A Cooking Kit and Groceries

Before you head out, check out the cooking amenities available at the campsite you’re going to, and make sure you have sufficient cooking gear. While this is key for camping year-round, be sure to include waterproof matches since unexpected drizzle is a hallmark of this lovely season.

Once you know what you’re working with as far as your cooking setup goes, stock up on groceries that you’ll be able to prepare during your adventure. As far as groceries go, it could be fun to go with seasonal dishes, like local produce that’s in season during the spring. Just make sure you remember the s’mores materials, too!

A Headlamp or Lantern

Having a battery or LED-powered light source that’s fully charged and ready to go is an absolute must for your spring camping trip. Headlamps are a great choice because they’ll keep your hands free, so you can focus on other things, like food prep, snacking, or making your way on the winding path to the outhouse at night.

If you're worried about a headlamp clashing with your cute outdoorsy flannel shirt, though, simply opt for a camping lantern instead. As long as your light source is fully charged or it has fresh batteries that you’ve tested before your trip, you’ll be good to go!

A Warm Pajama Set

A comfy, cozy set of women's pajamas is essential for a spring camping trip. Even in a warm sleeping bag, it gets cold at night and in the early mornings in the spring. A flannel pajama set, with long-sleeve pants and a matching long-sleeve top, for example, will keep you covered so you can comfortably catch some z’s after a long day enjoying nature.

A Waterproof Layer

As we’ve mentioned, you might encounter some spring showers on your camping trip. With this in mind, you’ll want to ensure you have a waterproof jacket layer.

Bring along a waterproof and wind-resistant packable jacket to save some room in your bag, and layer it over a women's fleece jacket for some added warmth and coziness. And while winter may be over, a fleece women's winter hat can help to keep your head dry and warm under your jacket’s hood.

With these essentials on hand and everything squared away for your adventure, your spring camping trip will definitely be a success. We hope it’s full of wildflowers, fresh woodsy air, and of course, lots and lots of s’mores!


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