Everyday Outfit Ideas for Men in Their 60s

Outfit ideas for men in their 60s

Congratulations: you've reached your best years. We hope that they will be filled with a little less work and a lot more rest and the occasional visit from old friends and family. You may have already claimed your gold watch, or expect to do so soon, but that doesn't mean you should retire from dressing practically and dressing well. These are our everyday style tips for men in their 60s.

Give the iron a break

Whether you've got lower back pain issues or would simply like to retire another chore from your daily list, there's a strong case to be made that you should be liberated from ironing duty. Doing so doesn't have to mean endless wrinkles and creases, thanks to the wonders of wrinkle-proof pants and wrinkle-free dress shirts like a no-iron pinpoint. With these non-iron pants and no-iron shirts at your disposal, you can look fresh without pressing an iron and stay crisp no matter how long your flight.

Give stretch a chance

Just because men's elastic waist jeans are a newer development doesn't mean you can't give them a chance. They have the same appearance as a pair of 100% cotton jeans, but the introduction of stretch provides just a little more give for extra comfort. You may even find yourself reaching for them as a frequent men's chinos or khaki pants alternative.

Don't forget about the navy blazer

You might think your suiting days are behind you, but life still has its formal occasions. Instead of purchasing a new suit that may only come in handy for special occasions, consider wearing a navy men's sport coat. It will easily pair with whatever khaki pants and dress shirts you already have in your closet, and will prove endlessly versatile.

One word: Flannel

Comfort and warmth: what else can you ask from a fabric? It's no secret that we love a good men's flannel shirt. Its status as a button-front shirt makes it less casual than a simple t-shirt would be, but still makes it relaxed enough to wear while running errands or simply enjoying a lazy Sunday with the paper. That's not to say that the world of flannel must begin and end with shirts. We'd also encourage you to pick up a pair of flannel pajama pants, which will be a welcome source of warmth when temperatures drop. And of course, they're a natural choice to wear with a pair of slippers for men.

Corduroy pants

Men's corduroy pants can be thought of as a more casual cousin to khakis or chinos. The cut of the pants makes them similar in look and style, yet the textured nature of corduroy fabric gives them a feel that's inherently more dressed down. The raised ridges—called "wales"—in the cotton fabric also give them an autumnal, country-style appeal that is naturally at home with flannel shirts.

Slip-Resistant Shoes

We don't need to broadcast a PSA about the dangers of slips and falls, but we will emphasize that wearing a pair of slip-resistant shoes is one way to guard against potential dangers. Additionally, if you select a pair that also has the distinction of being an all-weather shoe, you can wear it in inclement weather through rain, snow, and even sleet.

Packable coats

What's the difference between your standard warm fall coat or warm winter jacket and a packable coat or packable jacket? It is, of course, the word "packable." What this means for you in practical terms is that the coat or jacket can be packed into its own pocket, making it small enough to toss into luggage, a backpack, or even a glove compartment. This provides the convenient option to have a warm fall coat or a warm winter jacket on hand at any time.

Rugby shirts

The polo shirt can't be allowed to have all the fun: we're big advocates of the authentic rugby shirt. For one thing, its longer sleeves give it real 4-season wearability, in contrast to the spring and summer limited polo shirt. We believe it's a versatile staple for men at any age.


Who can forget about t-shirts? Not us. Whether you plan on wearing yours around the house with sweatpants or as a base layer under a cotton sweater or sweatshirt, the t-shirt is one staple that works for men at absolutely any age. If you'll allow us to be a little more specific, we'll make a pitch for our very own Super-T™ shirt. The Super-T™ shirt is distinct from standard t-shirts by features like 100% ringspun combed cotton jersey and reinforced shoulders that won't be stretched out. Translation: this is the kind of t-shirt you can count on returning to again and again, wash after wash. By building a stronger, smarter t-shirt, we also cut back on the waste that would be created by having to replace t-shirts on a regular basis.

Comfy pajamas

If you haven’t bought yourself a new pair of pajamas in a while, this one's for you. While these aren’t clothing you’ll be wearing in public, everyone needs a few great pairs of pajamas. For all the relaxing that you’ll be doing, you need comfy clothing! There’s always the traditional plaid flannel pajamas. This warm and cozy sleepwear is a classic for a reason. They look great, and they’ll keep you warm whether you’re in bed or lounging around the house. If you’re looking for something a little more breathable, try a pair of poplin pajamas. These 100% cotton shirts and pants are soft, lightweight, and they won’t make you too hot. Don’t forget your robe and a cozy pair of slippers to stay warm as you’re enjoying time at home.

No matter what your wardrobe staples are, we hope you enjoy the best years of your life in comfort and style.


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