5 Activewear Pieces You Can Wear Every Day

5 Activewear Pieces You Can Wear Every Day

Say goodbye to your misconceptions about women’s loungewear and hello to fashion-forward activewear that’s suited for every day. Today’s amazing lineup of comfy clothing allows you to not only wear what you want but also look good doing it. You can dress loungewear up or down and feel fabulous no matter the occasion. What is looking good if you’re not comfortable anyway? Here’s a look at our favorite pieces of activewear for every day.

1. Your Favorite Leggings

You can’t mention activewear without getting into leggings. Today’s leggings are meant to be comfortable, attractive, and supportive. What’s not to love? High-waisted women’s yoga pants make an excellent addition to any wardrobe. We love to match this classic piece with a slouchy sweater for an effortless look. Dress it up with cute accessories and flattering footwear for a look that’s ready for anything from your coworking space to your favorite happy hour.

2. A Cozy, Cute Sweatshirt

Your favorite cotton women’s sweatshirts are perfect for everyday wear. In fact, these cute new additions can be dressed up for any type of meeting. Choose pants that are flattering and opt to accessorize with a matching scarf. Skinny jeans create an effortless look with your favorite sweatshirt. Tie your hair back in a messy bun to complete the look.

Sweatshirts also make for excellent work from home outfits. They add a touch of personality without being too formal. When everyone works from home, you want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed for that Zoom meeting. A cute and cozy sweatshirt with a cute necklace does wonders to make you look like you tried without really trying at all.

3. Supportive Footwear

Supportive footwear is a must-have in any wardrobe. It not only brings a sporty vibe to any outfit, but it also provides valuable ergonomics so you can live pain-free. Nothing puts a dampener on a morning coffee and walk date quite like the wrong pair of shoes. Don’t let your tootsies suffer—have your favorite supportive sneakers handy. If you’re using them for running, get properly fitted. Head into a store and let the pros analyze your stride so you can get the ultimate, custom-tailored comfort for your sneakers. For other activities, consider getting a pair of sneaks that come in neutral colors. Think grays, blacks, whites, and tans. Navy might also work depending on your personal preference. You want to ensure you’ve got a sneaker that will easily blend with any outfit. This adds flexibility to your footwear so you can mix and match with whatever suits your mood.

4. Socks That Don’t Stink

Socks can make or break your outfit. Cozy, comfortable socks that feature odor-blocking technology are an essential part of any outfit. Skip the cotton (it retains moister—and, therefore, smell) and opt for cutting-edge synthetic blends instead. Synthetic activewear socks are designed to wick moisture and keep stink at bay go with any outfit. The absolute best part about these pieces of activewear is that you can find these socks in any style or shape. Low-profile, no-show socks are the perfect addition to your flats. They provide you with the protection you need for blisters, without committing any fashion crimes. Ankle-length socks are ideal for shoes and sneakers.

Lastly, thicker crew socks pair perfectly with boots. If you want to show off your socks, you can opt for fun patterns and colors, or go for a no-show sock that stays hidden and works hard to keep you comfortable. Boots and booties match well with wool socks. Similar to their synthetic counterparts, wool socks wick sweat, fight stink, and also maintain warmth. They are the ideal sock for cold-weather locales, keeping you cozy and warm while also making you look and feel your best.

5. Cozy Tank Tops

Your favorite cozy tank top can be worn any time of year. Tanks are a great way to add a quick layer of warmth in the winter and bring you a breezy, cool look in summer. Stock up on your favorite basic tanks. Go for different cuts and styles, such as low arms with a cute bralette or a high-necked tank. Your classic crew or scoop neck never goes out of style either. Choose colors that go with the overall theme of your wardrobe—allowing you to wear a tank top every day. For summery tanks, choose funky and fun patterns, or get a tank with a cute graphic.

Activewear is all about being comfortable and having plenty of movement in your look. Today’s activewear is ready for everyday wear, so you can be comfortable and look your best. Say goodbye to that “I just rolled out of bed” look and hello to an effortless casual outfit with our favorite pieces of activewear.


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