Every Type of Sweater a Woman Should Own

Every Type of Sweater a Woman Should Own

Sweater season is here, and there is nothing we love more than a closet full of fuzzy knitwear to swaddle ourselves in until spring. Sweaters are essential for every woman, and with a variety of fabrics, styles, and designs, there are so many options to choose from. However, there are some women’s sweater styles that are simply must-haves. These are sweater types every woman should own to add versatility, simplicity, and wearability to her wardrobe. We have selected the best of knitwear in our list.


Turtlenecks sweaters exudes streamlined elegance, class, and grace. Visions of timeless icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy come to mind when we think of a classic turtleneck. With endless options for styling and function, turtlenecks are a must-have for every woman. Wear one under a blazer with slacks for a smart casual look made easy. Try styling with your favorite pair of jeans for a cool and laid-back appeal. Aside from their clean look, turtlenecks are also practical, as proven by sailors and alpine climbers for generations. Keeping you warm from the chin down, a turtleneck covers it all. Whether layered under a vest or worn all on its own, a turtleneck keeps you insulated with style.


Cardigans are an all-around favorite. They can add color and creativity to any outfit. Dress them up or dress them down by pairing with a cute dress or over some jeans and a tank top. Cardigans are also the perfect way to wear our beloved summer pieces into fall. All your fabulous cottons can make it into December just with a cardigan thrown over them. Cardigans are also incredibly versatile. Wear them to the office, to dinner, out with your friends, or just to snuggle up at home. Throw a cardigan into your bag to be prepared for any weather or unexpected air conditioner to stay cute and comfortable everywhere and in any circumstance.

Short-Sleeve Sweaters

Short-sleeve sweaters are an essential that can be worn all year round–they are especially ideal to wear in the summertime as the sun sets while barbecuing in the backyard. Choose a wide neck cut made from a lighter fabric like cotton for those balmy summer months. They’re perfect in winter to wear everywhere; simply find a mockneck or turtleneck style that is made from a warmer fabric like cashmere for colder months. Short-sleeved sweaters can work with anything from dresses to denim, offer a little more ventilation while keeping you warm.

Sweater Dress

The best part about sweater dresses is how unbelievably easy they are. Throw one on, and you’ve got an instant outfit! If it’s chilly but not too cold, wear one bare legged with some cute booties or sneakers. If temperatures are less than toasty, wear over opaque tights or leggings with boots. Cozy and chic, sweater dresses can be worn anywhere from the office to your holiday party. Perfect for almost every season, a sweater dress is a staple for every woman’s closet.

Oversized Sweater

Wearing an oversized sweater is the fashionable version of crawling under your favorite blanket for the day. Comfortable, cozy, toasty, and trendy, oversized sweaters check almost every box. Find one with a chunky knit for an eye-catching textured look, or wear over skinny jeans with booties or block-heeled boots for a contrasting and balanced visual. These are also great for layering, as all the extra space lends room for some added layers underneath for more insulation. Try wearing over your favorite turtleneck for a casual chic look. Even if you're just wearing one around the house, you’ll still feel fabulous. Oversized sweaters are so comfortable and cute that we think every woman needs one.

Cable Knit Sweater

No sweater style is more holiday season-appropriate than the classic cable knit. Sophisticated and serious yet cheerful and seasonal, cable knits are a staple to get you through the winter. They’re fun to wear in bold colors to make any outfit more interesting. For example, wear a red cable knit with some women’s black jeans and boots for a chic, festive look. You might also try a white cable knit sweater under a blazer for a more professional appeal.


Everyone needs a cashmere sweater. The fabric feels lusciously soft and cozy against your skin. Unparalleled for warmth, lightness, and luxury, cashmere needs to have a home in every woman’s closet. Cashmere sweaters for women come in every style of sweater mentioned here and more. So upgrade your preferred sweater style to cashmere to enjoy your favorite sweater style even more.

Keep each of these types of sweaters in your closet this season, and you will always have a great winter look right at your fingertips.


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