Everyday Chic Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs

Everyday Chic Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs

Chic is the new black. Or maybe it always was. When you feel chic in your outfit, you’ve got confidence and class. You knock out that presentation at work or show up for drinks with the gals looking fab. The best part? Incorporating those items into your wardrobe is easy peasy, so you don’t even have to think twice about how great they’ll look. If you stock your closet with stylish pieces, it’s easier to be chic than you think.

We love the way the word “chic” makes us feel, so read on for seven can’t-miss pieces that will leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Little Black Dress

Don’t even get us started on the versatility of black dresses, especially the iconic Little Black Dress. Every closet needs a quality LBD that you can grab when you feel like you’ve got nothing else to wear. It dresses up and down in a snap—all you’ve got to do is change up the accessories. Throw on a blazer with a pair of stellar black heels to make it work-chic. Then transition it to post-work hangs by slipping off the blazer and adding some jewelry to make it pop.

Need to go to a work event or your boss’s birthday party? The LBD will never fail you. It’s always there to make you look like “chic” is your middle name.

Straight-Leg Jeans

Clean lines and comfort are what we’re all about with this next piece. A fabulous pair of straight-leg jeans are another wardrobe must-have to take “chic” to the next level. They are both trendy and classic. Go for a dark wash to up the elegance factor or a high-rise for a trendy look. Plus, a perfectly tailored pair of jeans transition great from day to night.

The straight leg adds a bit of sophistication. Look for an ankle-length to make all kinds of footwear look great. Try a pair of leather booties, cute flats, or even a bright pair of pumps for added flair and fun.

Cardigan Sweater

The cashmere cardigan combines the best of both worlds—exquisite comfy sweater meets high style. Coziness can’t be beaten with the lamb’s ear softness of cashmere. It’s the epitome of “chic” in sweater form.

If you’re looking for another kind of comfy, check out a shawl collar cardigan. The shawl lapel makes the piece look part blazer, part jacket but without any stiffness. You can throw it in your tote for when you need to layer it over a clean Oxford shirt or scoop-neck blouse. Look for one with a cable knit for some extra chic detail. Nothing says “chic” like a piece that looks polished but is secretly like wrapping yourself in a blanket. No one will ever know!

Wool Dress Coat

This next piece is a classic—a keep-it-in-your-closet-forever item. Check out some women’s wool coats because they never go out of style. They’re so evergreen because they literally go with anything—high-rise jeans, the pencil skirt, black jeans. We dare anyone to find a look a wool coat doesn’t love. It complements any outfit and elevates the look to “chic” in an instant.

Look for a coat that’s the iconic camel color with a belt to keep you warm when it’s a cold night on the town. You can never go wrong with black either, or check out a deep jewel tone like navy blue or emerald green.


If it’s too mild for a full-on winter coat, meet the versatility of the perfect jacket paired with some fashion scarves. The blazer gives off some serious boss energy, and the scarf makes it look like you are the one in charge. It makes you feel the ultimate in “chic” because you know how to put together a dazzling outfit.

Check out a cute, colorful neck scarf and pair it with a clean, crisp button-down shirt. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, either. A striped or plaid blazer could be best friends with a floral blouse or textured turtleneck. A plain jacket gets elevated by a beautiful print scarf in a silky material. There are too many combinations to count.

White Blouse

Clean, pressed women’s white blouses are an absolute staple. Maybe you never thought a plain white blouse could be chic, but we’re here to tell you it is. Try out different textures and materials like breathable cotton for the summer or a ruffled cuff.

Buttoning it all the way up will give you that extra vogue look. Then, tuck it into a pencil skirt or flared pants for a perfectly crisp outfit. Or try it on with a chic black jacket or blazer to finish off the ensemble.

Pencil Skirt

“Chic” can’t be spelled without pencil skirt. It’s such a classically chic staple of your closet because it looks elegant no matter what kind of top you pair it with. Try a sleeveless blouse or a button-down shirt, or even a mock turtleneck. Tuck in the top or let flow a tunic hem blouse for a totally different look. A pencil skirt keeps you feeling sophisticated all day and night.

Iconic looks are the best way to achieve a chic closet. With these everyday items, you’ll be able to pick a chic look every day of the week.


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