9 Essentials You Always Need in Your Work Bag

9 Essentials You Always Needs in Your Work Bag

From bathroom blunders to sudden spills, you never know what can happen throughout the workday, and it’s always nice to have what you need on hand—just in case. Always be prepared for anything by stocking your workbag with all the necessities. While what each person needs will be slightly different, these are some of the top essentials that belong in your work bag or briefcase.


We live in a day and age where we are unfortunately obsolete without our devices. Especially if you are out and about during work hours, it’s important for you to be connected. Whatever your devices of choice are, you want to be sure to carry chargers around in your work bag just in case. If you are often on the go, another great option is to carry a portable charger so that you can juice up your devices even if there are no outlets to be found.


Whether it’s a blasting air conditioner, a late night at the office, or a temperature drop, keeping an extra layer in your work bag is always a good idea. We all know the classic sweater draped over the back of your office chair, but you want to be sure you have something warm to slip on even when you’re out and about. Our top choice for this is a simple lightweight cotton or women’s cashmere cardigan. These pieces are lightweight, compact, and can be easily worn with your work attire for a comfortable and professional look.

Hand Sanitizer and Masks

Staying clean and healthy is top of mind these days. Some basic health and hygiene essentials that you need in your work bag are hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and women’s face masks. Whether you need to wipe down a surface, clean your hands after a meeting, or cover your face when heading into an office, you’ll be well prepared for any scenario with these three items in your bag.

Stain Remover

You’re wearing your favorite women’s white blouse, and you miss your month and spill your sip of coffee down your front. We’ve all been there. The worst part about office accidents is knowing that you can’t run to your laundry room to wash it out or apply stain remover to it immediately. Avoid any long-lasting stains by carrying a handy stain remover stick in your workbag at all times. This way, you can easily pull it out and apply it to stains as soon as they happen. Then, you can relax and simply throw your dirty clothes in the washer right when you get home.

Pens and Stationery

Everyone needs these life essentials in their bag. Pens and stationery are especially important to have in your work bag when you never know when you’re going to need to write something down, sign something, or jot down some ideas. We love a classic stylish pen with a personal notebook or writing pad so that you know you are always coming prepared. This also leaves a good impression when in professional settings.

Tissues and Wipes

These are must-have items for anyone’s bag. Tissues and wipes are useful for cleaning up spills, smudged lipstick, a sneezing attack, or just about anything else. Avoid feeling tempted to use the inside of your shirt to wipe something up when you already have tissues stashed away in your work bag.

Toiletry Essentials

Everyone has different toiletry essentials, but you want to ensure that you have the basics in your work bag. This can be anything from mini deodorant sticks, a pocket-sized hairbrush, makeup basics, bobby pins, mouthwash, lip balm, feminine products, moisturizer, or just about anything else that you can imagine you’ll need in a jiffy at work. Don’t leave yourself hanging, and ensure you always can look and feel your best by keeping your toiletry essentials close at hand when at work.


Keeping a small silk fashion scarf in your work bag is a good way to have a stylish accessory on hand if you need it. Keep it tied around your bag straps or folded neatly in your work bag. This is an easy way to make yourself look a little dressier if you get scheduled for an unexpected meeting and want to look a little more stylish. Wrap around your wrist, wear in your hair, tie around your neck, or wear around your head to instantly up your glam.

Business Cards

Business cards aren’t exchanged as frequently nowadays, so they may not be the first thing you think to stock up on. But keeping a few in your bag is a great idea because you never know who you might meet. Business cards are an excellent way to network and make professional connections. Plus, they may leave a more professional and memorable impression than scribbling your contact information on a piece of paper.


For the professional working woman, you probably find yourself wearing heels more often than you would like. While it’s nice to look professional and sophisticated in meetings or at the office, it’s also nice to slip into a pair of flats while sitting at your desk or while on your way home. Keep a pair of compact ballet flats or comfortable women’s shoes in your workbag at all times so you can get some easy and stylish relief from your shoes whenever you need it.

Feel comfortable and confident for your workdays by ensuring you have these top essentials in your work bag.


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