8 Essentials You Need to Pack in Your Beach Tote

8 Essentials You Need to Pack in Your Beach Tote

Warmer weather means more time spent at the beach. And, if you’ll be spending more time at the beach, there are some essentials you must remember to pack in your beach tote. Some of these items will match your swimsuits and take your beach style to the next level. Other essentials will offer you aid as you lounge and have fun in the sun. Here are eight essentials to pack in beach bags.

1. Sunscreen

Never head to the beach without sunscreen in your tote! Nowadays, it’s a given to wear sunscreen for protection from harmful sun rays, especially if you’ll be outdoors for a prolonged time. There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to sunscreen. The most important feature to take note of is SPF. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing SPF 30 or higher to block 97% of damaging UVB rays.

Also, if you plan on swimming, look for water-resistant sunscreen. All sunscreens will eventually wash off in the water, so pay attention to the sunscreen’s label that will tell you how to reapply the sunscreen after spending time in the water.

2. Water Bottle

Stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle handy in your tote. Choose the right size for you, such as 17 oz. for a lighter carry or up to 64 oz. if you plan on being out all day. Get a water bottle made of sturdy material like plastic, stainless steel, or glass. Also, look for features that are practical, such as a loop for clipping to your tote, a double-wall insulated body to keep your drink extra chill, or a leakproof spout that makes drinking easier. For a dose of stylish, monogram your name onto your bottle so you won't mix yours up with anyone else’s.

3. Cover Up

Don't forget to add beach cover-ups to your tote for in between dips in the ocean or pool. Choose a one that elevates the look of your swimwear, like a flowy cardigan, or go for a longer cover-up style like a kaftan cover-up in your favorite print, such as floral, stripe, polka dot, paisley, palm leaf, and tie-dye.

4. Beach Hat

Beach hats have a way of making swimsuits appear more elegant. Top off your style with one you can fold and store in your tote when not in use. For a more dramatic effect, pick out a floppy beach hat with a wide brim. Popular beach hat materials include paper straw or cotton. For optimal chicness, choose hats with features such as a grosgrain ribbon, fringe edging, or an adjustable lanyard.

5. Sunglasses

What’s a day at the beach without stylish sunglasses? In addition to being fashionable, sunglasses can also offer protection from the sun, so be sure to look for a “UV protection” label. Various elements affect the overall look of a pair of sunglasses. First, choose a frame that best fits your face, such as cat-eye, round, square, rectangular, oval, and more. Then, figure out your favorite finish — tortoiseshell, translucent, and gold-tone are a few of the many designs to consider. Want to really make an impression? Go for designer sunglasses for a luxe accent.

6. Beach Towels

Keep beach towels handy for drying off after getting wet. The more stylish the towels, the better! Choose towels with a nautical theme, or go for stripes, a floral design, palm trees, or tie-dye—the options are endless. Pick out a towel made of absorbent material like cotton and look for towels with terry loop construction for the ultimate in softness.

Size matters, too! An oversized beach towel is big enough for you to wrap around your entire body, or you could even share it with another person. Want to keep your towel all to yourself? Opt for personalized beach towels instead.

7. Digital Camera

If you plan on making memories at the beach, don’t forget your camera. A beach tote is usually big enough for you to store a digital camera for taking photos. Sure, your camera has its own camera, but a digital camera — especially a waterproof one — will allow you to take even better photos of your beach outing.

8. Reading Material

Finally, remember to take with you reading material for a relaxing day at the beach. You may get tired of playing in the water or building sandcastles on the sand, so having a book or magazine will give you something else to do while you lounge in your beach chair.

No matter your plans for your beach visit, make sure to pack these suggested accessories and items to make it your most enjoyable beach adventure yet.

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