Don’t Miss These 5 Essential Work from Home Outfits

Don’t Miss These 5 Essential Work From Home Outfits

What's the key to working from home like you’ve done it all your life? Sure, you need a dedicated work zone and some serious peace and quiet. However, you also need the right clothes. Without those, you may not feel quite like the professional at heart that you actually are. A great outfit can make all the difference, whether you’re tackling a major deadline or preparing for a big meeting with a client. In any situation, however, your comfort is essential. Here are five work from home outfits you need to see you through in style.

For the Meeting

Video calls have become the modern way of life for countless professionals all over the world. While there’s an underlying sense of relaxation about them – you’re sitting in your home, after all – you shouldn’t forget the reason that you’re there in the first place! Making a great impression, whether you’re talking to a higher-up or a client, starts with your attitude and your confidence. An outfit that looks and feels great can help you in both of those areas!

What’s the secret? It’s all about choosing pieces that help you feel your best. On camera, you’re only visible from the top, so prioritize that particular piece during an important meeting. There are countless women’s blouses that add a stylish touch to your at-home look. A keyhole blouse, for example, is subtly dressy, especially when you add a light necklace or a pair of earrings to pull it all together. A button-front top with a rounded collar is an alternative that looks polished and corporate-friendly. On the bottom? Stick with what you love, be it a pair of leggings or your favorite sweatpants. No one has to know!

For Daily Routines

Whether your everyday WFH routine involves sitting in your home office or settling on the couch, you need some comfy clothes that you know will see you through every single day in complete comfort. Look for features like lightweight, soft fabrics – looser is always better for the way it helps you relax and get settled for the day.

A pair of soft and stretchy leggings are a great partner for a light tunic, for example. You’ll feel just dressed up enough, yet won’t have to worry if you decide to take a much-deserved nap during your lunch break – it’s an equal opportunity outfit that’s perfect for anything the day might bring. If you prefer to take a dressier approach without actually “dressing up” in the traditional workday sense, try a shirt dress with a collar and some structure. It still falls on the casual end of the spectrum, yet feels decidedly pulled together.

For Warm Days

One way to make the WFH experience a little easier is to crack open the windows. Some fresh air can do a world of good, and you’ll feel a lot more alert with all of that bright, natural light. If you sit by the window, odds are you’ll start to warm up during late spring and throughout summer. A women's comfy T-shirt, such as a linen shirt is another effortless style that’s just as cool and comfortable, yet a little more work-friendly.

Linen is naturally crisp and cool. No wonder it’s one of the summer’s most practical materials! Short sleeves and light colors are ideal, whether you opt for a pullover or a button-front shirt. Both look great with everything from shorts to flowing pants. This is the kind of outfit that you can wear around the neighborhood when you need to take a much-needed break and breathe in some fresh air.

For Cooler Days

The weather tends to surprise all of us from time to time. Sure, you’re inside, but with the windows open that light chill can catch you off guard. Even when there’s nothing crazy going on with the weather, it could just be the case that you tend to feel chilly more often than not. While cranking up the heat in the summer might not be the most practical option, you can layer up to help you stay comfortable during the workday.

An easy option? Throw on a lightweight women’s cardigan over a soft tank top or tee. Finish with a pair of leggings and step into your most comfy ballet flats. This look is easy, fresh, and approachable, so if you decide to go for a drive or grab a cup of coffee, you’ll feel presentable throughout.

For Dressy Days

If you like the idea of WFH life but don’t necessarily want to give up your corporate wardrobe just yet, you don’t have to abandon the concept of “getting ready for work” entirely. Dressing up in the more traditional sense can help you feel more in control and ready to tackle everything on your to-do list with authority and confidence.

That doesn’t mean that you need to wear a suit, though. But you could throw on a relaxed jersey dress that’s versatile enough to work in any environment. Dress it up with some accessories to pull it all together.

The Motivation You Need

Sometimes the little boost that you need comes from your clothes! Whether it’s a cute accessory, a comfy pair of slippers, or a dress that you can’t wait to wear (yep, even at home!), there’s no reason not to wear what you love when you WFH. Just make sure that you’re comfortable. Everything else is just icing.


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