Best Winter Coats and Jackets for College Students

Best Winter Coats and Jackets for College Students

No matter where the locale of your college–whether oceanside, out in the country, or tucked away in the mountains–winter will hit in some capacity and you’ll be in need of some winter layers for every hour spent on campus. The endless activities and full agendas that college life entails guarantee that you’ll need a for virtually every occasion. Up ahead, explore the most essential winter coats of the season and find your perfect fit for college and beyond.

Long and Lean

Long walks across campus are inevitable, and if your college experience takes you anywhere in or even near the Northeast, you’ll want to consider full-coverage long down coats for women that effortlessly combat the wrath of winter. Perfect for late-night walks back from library study sessions or impromptu middle-of-the-night fire drills in the residence halls, this coat will offer next-level warmth no matter where you’re headed.

Down for It

From tailgating at the weekend football game or rushing to your 8 am lecture, men’s down jackets will equip you with warmth and function in equal measure. Find yourself in college winter jackets that match style with serious insulation, which are two of the elements that will keep you moving this winter.

The Pullover

The classic women’s hoodie sweatshirt checks all the winter layer boxes. It’s not a winter coat, per se, but it’s suitable enough for certain climates. Because no matter where the season finds you, there will be plenty of opportunities for indoor lounging or all-night study sessions in your dorm’s common area. And when the occasion calls, make sure you find yourself in the hoodie that does it all.

No Squall Too Big

Classic good looks and serious warmth come together in this classic men’s Squall jacket for a double dose of fun and function. The easy grab-and-go piece fits into stadium seating and your lecture hall without blinking an eye, making it the best option for all your winter-weather endeavors.

Big Zip

Winter can take a lot of different shapes. But it can also prove unpredictable–cold one day, warm the next. When you’re up against a season that’s constantly in flux, you want pieces that move with you. With serious versatility as a layer or outerwear, a women’s winter vest is the best layering piece in your winter wardrobe, without a doubt.

Winter Wary No More

An insulated men’s commuter coat is designed for activity. And for winters that mean rainfall, snow, or anything in between, a warm coat with built-in layers and thoughtfully designed thermals make this coat an absolute essential.

Feels Like Summer

Women’s winter coats should be easy and effortless. They’re the most important piece of your winter wardrobe because they are built to wear over everything else in your closet. And when you need to choose an everyday coat that takes you from your first class to your last lecture–and keeps you warm as a July afternoon doing it–you’ll want to make sure you get zipped into the timeless classic Squall winter jacket. An easy option to toss on over every item in your wardrobe, this women’s winter coat will fast become the top layer essential that makes getting out the door a ridiculously quick affair.

Fleece First

A good men’s fleece jacket doesn’t just equate with soft comfort–it’s the always-right essential that rounds out every winter wardrobe. The perfect first layer for the campus that’s accustomed to serious winter weather–as well as the fitting top layer for the campus that gets sunshine a straight 300 days per year–you’ll find yourself acing every look and keeping supremely warm while doing it.

Flower Power

Winter coats aren’t especially known for being fashion-forward. At least, until now. Get ready to discover your new forever favorite women’s winter jacket, featuring a delightful array of florals that almost make you wonder what season you’re in. Perfectly appropriate from the first signs of fall to the last frost come spring, a floral print winter jacket delivers a fun and flirty dose of style to every look in your closet. An especially happy reminder of summer even in the deepest moments of winter, each coat’s delightful flowers are bright, cheery, and perfectly adept at setting the mood. Whether you love winter or hate it, this women’s winter jacket will never disappoint. And with a protective collar and easy-wear zip-front silhouette, there’s literally no wrong way to wear it. It might also be worth mentioning that this jacket packs up compactly, letting you stash it away for those unpredictable days that start extra cold but warm up come afternoon.


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