Essential Items to Take to a Destination Wedding

Essential Items to Take to a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are an absolute treat. You get to celebrate the joy of marriage and enjoy a well-deserved vacation while spending time with family and friends. Whether the wedding is taking place in a neighboring state or halfway across the globe, it'll be an event to remember. Packing for a destination wedding is unlike any other trip, though. You'll have to take extra clothing and items that you wouldn't normally include for a vacation. Preparing for travel is stressful, so it's easy to forget the essentials. That's why we've put together this handy list of what to pack for a destination wedding. Bookmark this page or print it out as a packing list to ensure you take everything you need.

Documents and Electronics

If you're headed somewhere local, your I.D. and driver's license may be the only travel documents you need. For overseas destinations, you'll want your passport, wallet, plane tickets, and hotel reservations on hand. For phones, tablets, and laptops, be sure to pack them along with the necessary cables and chargers. You may also want to bring a camera with you. It's a good idea to keep these together in a belt bag or crossbody purse. These travel bags for women are lightweight enough to carry on your person while having enough space to fit what you need.

Wedding Gift

Many couples opt for an online gift registry for their destination wedding. This allows guests to ship wedding gifts directly to the couple's home and not have to worry about bringing with them. This is the best option for large or bulky gifts. If your gift is small enough to fit into a small bag or purse, then there should be no problem bringing it along. Wrap it carefully and store it with your travel documents to transport it safely and securely.

Wedding Outfit and Accessories

It's a good idea to give your wedding day outfit a trial run before the trip. This way, you can try on several different options and play around with different accessories. When you know what you'll wear and how you'll style it, it makes packing a breeze. If your wedding outfit is prone to wrinkling, pack it in a garment bag. Many accommodations offer in-room irons or laundry services, so you'll be able to smooth it out before the big day. If your accommodation doesn't offer an in-room iron or laundry service, consider investing in a travel steamer. These useful tools are easy to pack and use to keep your clothes crisp and fresh.

Vacation Clothes

Depending on the wedding, you may need to pack an extra fancy outfit or two for additional events, like the rehearsal dinner. You'll also want to take innerwear, sleepwear, and casual clothes for traveling and non-wedding days. If the destination wedding is near the lake or ocean, you'll want to pack some swimwear too.

At the least, you'll need a swimsuit, coverup, beach towel, sun protection, and slip-on shoes. Be sure to check out the location beforehand to plan for the weather. You can never go wrong with an extra layer for sudden breezes and storms. Depending on the season, you may also need to pack protective gear, like a rain jacket or snow boots.


In addition to wedding shoes, you'll need to pack an extra pair or two for traveling and walking around. A pair of sneakers is ideal for the plane or car, for example. You can then also wear them for any casual activities during the trip. If you're headed to a warm, sunny location or the beach, throw in a pair of sandals or water shoes. Can't decide what to pack? Do a bit of research on the wedding location to see what the weather and terrain are like. This will give you a better idea of what kind of shoes will work best.

Makeup and Toiletries

Getting ready for a wedding often requires multiple styling products and tools. You may need a curling iron, for example, or bottles of hairspray and styling gel. Like your wedding outfit, it's a good idea to give your hair and makeup look a trial run. This will make it easier when it comes to packing since you'll already know what you need to recreate the look. Be sure to also pack your regular toiletries and any medications or prescriptions you may need.

Extra Bags

Having extra bags in your suitcase is always handy. You can use them to separate your laundry from your clean clothes, for example, or to carry souvenirs home. Extra bags are also useful for touring your destination. A canvas tote bag is ideal for shopping trips. If you're headed on a tour or hike, take a small backpack along. Don't forget to also pack a purse or clutch to match your outfit on the wedding day.

No matter where you're headed, these essential items will make packing for your destination wedding a breeze. Shop Lands' End for a wide range of high-quality clothing and accessories to suit every travel need. From weekender bags to water shoes, we have everything you need to get ready for the big trip.


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