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8 Trips to Take With Your Weekender Bag

When you have a fabulous weekender bag, you’ll want to put it to good use! Discover great trip ideas that are perfect for using your favorite weekender bag. Keep any getaway or trip stress-free with this functional, stylish piece.

DIY Local Parks Tour

When you want to take a weekend trip that’s not too far from home, create your own fun escape by planning a tour of all the local parks in an area that’s fairly close to where you live. Consider booking a unique vacation rental or boutique hotel and explore the parks and nature areas in your own backyard. Sometimes work and other responsibilities prevent you from enjoying the natural treasures that are all around you, so grab your weekender, plan a quick trip nearby, and go explore! A fun bonus is that doing a quick trip like this gives you the freedom and flexibility to plan your days however you’d like.

Favorite Foodie Cities

Whether you’re a bona fide foodie or just a person who can appreciate a good meal from time to time, planning a getaway with your weekender is another great option. Consider what types of foods appeal to you most, and plan to take some time to explore cities and towns that are well-known for those culinary offerings. Whether you like rustic, farm-fresh fare, or your tastes are geared towards elegant dishes from classic French cooking techniques, there is a myriad of places to explore for a tasty weekend trip.

Relaxing by the Waterfront

There’s just something universally appealing about a relaxing getaway on the water! From picturesque small rivers and ponds to large lakes perfect for water sports and boating, there’s something for everyone when it comes to a mini waterfront vacation. Another great reason to grab your weekender for a trip to the water is that you can often find a variety of vacation rentals that accommodate your needs, whether it’s a family trip, a couples' getaway, or a time for you to relax and restore yourself solo. Just throw your favorite women’s cotton tank tops, cozy tees, and women’s comfy shorts in your weekender, and go!

Soaking Up Culture and History WIth Local Museums

Take your pick from cities in the U.S. to find great options to take your weekender for a ride. Consider a quiet hotel or Airbnb option that will allow you to explore local arts and culture in a new area. Along with history and art museums, you’ll often find smaller sites that are specific to a certain area’s history. When you're done, visit local cafés or restaurants recommended by the locals for some fantastic fare.

Get Away From It All in the Mountains

If you really want to unplug from everyday life, pack your weekender and get ready for rustic relaxation in a place like a cabin in the mountains. Getting into nature and being in a remote location forces you to slow down a little. A spacious weekender bag is roomy enough to take everything you need, so you can be as relaxed as possible as you recharge.

Take Up a New Hobby With Your Weekender

A weekender makes it easy to pack for a small trip, so you can be sure you have what you need and get focused on the experience. If you’ve been meaning to try something new or start a new hobby, a getaway can be the perfect time to do it. Look for classes on things like cooking, photography, or a unique form of exercise that you’ve been wanting to try. Small class sizes or outdoor venues can help you gain the confidence you need to stay safe and try that new pastime!

Get Away for the Weekend With Golf

Men, women, and couples alike can appreciate the fun and sport of a golfing getaway! Seize the day with your well-organized weekender, and take a quick trip to a location known for its golf courses. If your golf game needs some work, look for online learning videos and expert tips to help you improve your game before you get to the fairway. Your spacious weekender and golf gear is all you need for a great weekend on the course.

Boost Your Bliss With a Beach Getaway

A weekender is the ideal bag for a beach getaway. A beach towel, sunscreen, swimsuit, some cute beach cover-ups, beach accessories, and cute shorts outfits or summer dresses are all you really need to truly enjoy your time at the ocean. Get ready for some serious weekend fun when you pack your weekender for a mini beach vacay!

Perfect Weekend Trips With the Perfect Accessory

With its ideal size, easy-to-organize features, and stylish look, a weekender is the ideal bag for short trips and getaways. There are plenty of options in great getaways for all types of personalities. Whether you want a bit of adventure, a fun experience, or a relaxing remote trip to get away from it all, you can easily go for it. Stash all the necessities for your next fabulous weekend trip in your go-to weekender bag, and be ready for relaxation.


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