How to Elevate Your Cottagecore Aesthetic Even More This Winter

How to Elevate Your Cottagecore Aesthetic Even More This Winter

If your favorite décor is comfy furniture, knickknacks, floral and stripe prints, a garden with lots of flowers, and an herb patch, odds are you're a fan of cottagecore style. Cottagecore draws its inspiration from English countryside cottages. With its focus on comfort, cottagecore lends itself to cozy winter evenings. Whether you’re just beginning to explore how to adapt your surroundings or have already embraced the style and want to up your game, read on for some suggestions on how to elevate your cottagecore aesthetic even more this winter.

In the Living/Family Room

If you happen to have a sofa in a crisp stripe or cabbage rose fabric, you’re well on your way to a cottagecore state of mind. If not, add some patterned throw pillows in colors that coordinate with the sofa you do have. Choose pillows with a little extra flair to them: button tufting, ruffle edging, or even tassels. (If you have a cat—which also fits with the whole cottagecore aesthetic—your pet will appreciate playing with the latter.) Instead of snuggling up with a fleece throw, opt for a patchwork- or floral-patterned quilt (extra props if you made it yourself). If you’re concerned about warmth, choose a quilt made of flannel fabric. In keeping with the season, feel free to choose somewhat darker colors than the pastel colors often associated with cottagecore. You can always change things up a bit when the warmer weather returns.

To keep the room feeling cozy, scatter a few rugs. Even if the room is already carpeted, the rugs will help break up the space and contribute to the cozy feeling. Choose a pretty floral accent rug or a braided rug. If you have a mantel, add a grouping of something—candles or figurines, for example. Group your items in odd numbers; human nature is such that our eyes are drawn more to the grouping's center when the numbers aren’t even. Finally, add a bowl of pine cones or a dish of wintry-smelling potpourri—or both—to the coffee table. In fact, potpourri is a nice touch for any room in the house, so feel free to place some in your bathroom or bedroom as well.

In the Dining Room and Kitchen

It’s easy to up your cottagecore game in the dining room by adding a few simple touches. Place some tie-back seat cushions on the chairs. Lay a fringed runner down the middle of the table, and add coordinating placemats. Some people prefer to simply use a tablecloth instead; if that’s your preference, go for it—try one in a floral print or with a scalloped edge. Another option is to layer a lace tablecloth over a solid one. Use greenery and pillar candles to create a centerpiece. If you own fine china or milk glass place settings, take them out and use them instead of keeping them in a cabinet. Otherwise, choose white place settings so your table doesn’t get too fussy.

In the Bedroom

Turning your bedroom into a cottagecore haven is not that difficult. Even if you don’t have a four-poster bed with a canopy or other draped fabric, you’ll want to focus on the layers. Working from the bottom up, start with a box skirt to hide the space under the box spring. One advantage of doing so is that you can use the space below the bed for storage. Use a comforter that coordinates with your bedding. Another option is to use a duvet cover, which allows you to swap out fabrics. For example, while cottagecore leans toward pastels, you may want to go with darker colors during the winter months. With a duvet cover, it’s easy to change back and forth between darker and lighter floral prints. Fold a textured or crocheted blanket and lay it at the foot of the bed. Finally, add some pillow shams and neck rolls for interest.

Related items for the rest of the room include nightstand lamps with a base and shade. For the base, choose something in pottery or brass. A white lampshade can be “cottage-fied” with the addition of a grosgrain or satin ribbon border and some fringe. Place a doily on your dresser, then prop up a doll or three. If you have the space, indulge yourself with a rocking chair to soothe your stress before calling it a night.

In the Bathroom

Bathroom cottagecore is similar to the rest of your home. You may not have a claw-footed tub, but you can still incorporate accessories that fit the aesthetic—think free-standing toilet paper holder, a small wooden magazine rack for reading material, a cloth shower curtain (you’ll also need a vinyl liner, of course), fluffy towels, and an equally fluffy robe. Add some tea lights and a basket of bath bombs, and you (or your guests) will be able to indulge yourselves.

Although gardens are dormant during winter, cottagecore is year-round. Using these suggestions, you’ll be able to elevate your cottagecore aesthetic in the winter, even when cold, damp, or snowy days keep you indoors.


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