8 Ways to Layer a Flannel Shirt for the Winter

8 Ways to Layer a Flannel Shirt for the Winter

Flannel is an excellent clothing item to have in your closet because it’s so incredibly versatile and stylish. It’s not simply for anyone who works on a farm or who has an appreciation for 90’s grunge; flannel shirts can be incorporated into all kinds of outfits! In this post, we will take a look at a few trendy ways you can layer a flannel shirt for the winter.

Wear Flannel With a Tailored Blazer

Instead of wearing a conventional button-up blouse or other kind of dress shirt underneath a tailored blazer, switch up your look by incorporating a flannel shirt. Flannel shirts absolutely can be worn in a professional environment, and this pairing is proof of that. Find your favorite flannel button-up, tuck it into a pair of jeans or stylish dress pants, add a belt, and layer over a tailored blazer. This is a look that says “polished and professional, but also trendy and creative”.

Layer For Your Off-Duty Look

Create the cool off-duty look with a slight grungy edge by layering a flannel button-up over a slouchy white T-shirt or band tee. Keep the flannel shirt unbuttoned and untucked and pair with dirty wash or ripped jeans. Complete the look with a pair of combat boots and an oversized handbag. If you want to layer even more for texture or you simply need to layer due to cooling temps, opt for a statement jacket over the flannel shirt.

Layer a Flannel Under a Sweater

Want to experience maximum warmth while adding texture to your outfit? Throw on a button-up flannel shirt and layer your sweater of choice over it. Keep the flannel shirt untucked so the hem hangs out underneath the sweater (this will create the textured look you are going for). To keep it casual, finish with a pair of comfy jeans. To make it slightly dressier, opt for wide-leg trousers or other dress pants you would normally wear to the office.

Wear Flannel as a Suit

Why wear a regular old suit when you could wear a flannel suit? A flannel suit is highly fashionable but also far more comfortable than a traditional suit (because it’s flannel, after all!). Underneath the flannel suit jacket, you can wear a blouse, a T-shirt or a women’s sweater. For additional warmth in the winter, layer over your flannel suit with a long coat.

The Iconic Flannel and Denim Duo

If you live in a warm climate, you likely won’t need a giant parka and other winter accessories during the cold seasons. Instead, you may only need a light jacket to get you through the winters, in which case, allow us to introduce you to the iconic flannel and denim duo. When you want a casual, rustic look, layer a denim jacket over a flannel button up. The flannel shirt can either be tucked in or untucked, depending on how neat and organized you want to make the outfit. To try something new and trendy, finish on the bottom with a skirt or keep the look classic with a pair of denim jeans.

Wear Your Flannel as a Cape

Believe it or not, there truly is such a thing as a flannel cape. This creates a dramatic and visually stunning look. A long flannel cape will bring all of your winter outfits to the next level. Give the look some structure by wrapping a belt around the waist and finish the look with heeled ankle booties.

Combine Flannel and Sherpa

We struggle to think of fabrics more comfy and cozy than flannel and sherpa, so why not bring the two together? You can also find flannel pieces that come with sherpa lining too, cutting out the need for you to layer with additional flannel or sherpa. Try wearing a sherpa-lined jacket over a flannel shirt for extra warmth and texture. This creates the ultimate winter outfit style. Alternatively, if you don’t have sherpa, try pairing fleece with flannel, such as a fleece jacket over your favorite flannel shirt.

Use Your Flannel as Outerwear

Flannel isn’t just one thing. There are flannel shirts, flannel pajamas, flannel jackets, flannel blankets, and so on. While you should definitely have a flannel button-up shirt or two in your wardrobe, you may also want to think about adding a flannel jacket to your collection. A flannel jacket is obviously a much thicker, heavier, and warmer option than a basic flannel shirt. And a flannel jacket can be layered over your other clothing pieces and worn as your primary coat. Are you planning to wear more flannel this season and looking for new flannel pieces to layer outfits? Shop Lands’ End today to find a wide selection of high-quality flannel clothing and products.


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