8 Ways to Dress Up One LBD for Every Holiday Party

8 Ways to Dress Up One LBD for Every Holiday Party

A little black dress is a must-have fashion staple that every woman should own. But, you may be wondering, “just why do I need a little black dress?” Because the iconic little black dress is not only something that will never go out of style, it’s incredibly versatile. A more formal little black dress can be worn in a casual setting with the right accessories, while a more casual little black dress can be worn in a formal setting with certain accessories and style techniques. In this post, we will show you how to dress up one little black dress in various ways for every holiday party you plan to attend.

If you have a casual shirt dress in black, you can transform a day-look into an edgy night outfit simply with the footwear you choose. T-strap heels will instantly give your little black dress a trendy, chic look and feel. It’s a bold style, and something in a white or brightly colored tone will nicely complement the little black t-shirt dress while simultaneously elevating it.

Incorporate Bright Accessories

Another way to enhance the look of a little black dress is to accessorize it with brightly colored pieces. A little black dress with a glittery, white handbag and matching white pumps will make the whole outfit pop. You can also opt for traditional holiday colors in lighter, brighter tones, like light blue shoes or an emerald green statement necklace.

Try Out a High-Low Look

Do you have an elegant little black dress built with a lace material hanging in your closet? Feeling the urge to try an alternative style with it? Rather than finishing this look off with a pair of classic black pumps, choose white sneakers instead. This creates an eye-catching, high-low outfit that still has you looking elegant and trendy without sacrificing the comfort of your feet.

Try the Little Black Skirt Alternative

If you don’t have a little black dress already in your closet and you don’t have time to shop for one, you can opt for the alternative: the little black skirt. A black skirt with a black top like a sweater or blouse makes for an extremely elegant look. There are so many skirt styles to choose from, ranging from black pencil skirts with a lace hem or black leather mini skirts. A black mini skirt with an oversized black cowl neck sweater is quite a fashionable, sophisticated look, especially when you complete the outfit with a pair of black stilettos.

Dress Up a Little Black Dress with Statement Pieces

If you want to take a simple, plain little black dress and transform it into an outfit that wows, the trick is to incorporate statement pieces. You can take a brown leather belt and wrap it around your waist while matching it with a brown leather bag. To add even more to this look, accessorize with a flashy statement necklace, gold bracelets, and cute wedge heels.

Keep It Simple with a Scarf and a Crossbody Purse

Whether you just don’t have enough time to put together an intricate party outfit or you’re not too concerned with creating the “perfect” look, you will be comforted to know you can put together a stylish outfit with two simple pieces: a cute women’s scarf and a trendy handbag. Add some dimension and texture to your little black dress getup with your favorite scarf and a brightly colored, print crossbody purse. That’s really all you need! Of course, if you want to accessorize further, little jewelry pieces like wristwatches, dangly earrings, and pendant necklaces all serve to bring the look together more.

Wear Your Little Black Dress with Long Black Boots

If you have a shorter little black dress in your wardrobe collection, such as a black sweater dress, try pairing it with long black boots. Obviously, the long black boots will elongate your legs, but they also contribute to making the outfit look edgier and trendier. You can look for black boots made with materials like suede or leather, both of which go well with a black sweater. This pairing can be worn on its own, or you can accessorize with a crossbody chain strap purse and sparkly diamond earrings.

Accessorize with Metallic Jewelry

There’s something about metallic jewelry that goes so well with a little black dress. These jewelry pieces do an excellent job of making the whole outfit pop. When it comes to picking jewelry to accessorize your little black dress, silver and gold colors are your best friend. Are you getting ready for a few holiday parties and want to show off your cute little black dress? Shop Lands’ End today to find items you can accessorize it with!


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