8 Items Every Dog Owner Needs

8 Items Every Dog Owner Needs

Dog owners have their hands full with their loving, furry pals. From everyday basics to those little luxuries that make being a pet parent a little easier, there are plenty of items today’s dog owners need. Treat yourself and your dog-loving friends and family members to one of these great items next time you want to brighten their day.

1. Cozy Blankets Dogs Can Cuddle Up In

Dog owners know it’s always a good idea to have a couple of cozy blankets on hand just for their pets. You can use a great dog blanket to layer over your pet’s bed to not only keep it comfy but also to make it easier to keep the pup’s bedding clean. Extra pet blankets are also great for use in the car when you need to go somewhere or to use as an impromptu sleeping surface when traveling. Pet blankets can be put to good use outdoors to help protect surfaces where your dog might take a breather. Towel sets can come in handy for your pet too!

2. Dog Beds That Hit the Mark

Just like people, dogs need to get a good night’s rest to be healthy, so having a great dog bed is a must. Choose the type of bed that fits your pet’s size and specific needs. Larger dogs may benefit from raised or special orthopedic dog beds to help protect their joints and keep them comfortable. Versatile dog beds with breathable cushioning can be good choices for any dog to get cozy on. Look for bolster style, mattress style, or hammock-style beds, depending on your pet’s preferences. Exterior covers can be beneficial, as well as beds made with antimicrobial materials. The simple comfort of a great dog bed can go a long way in keeping your pet at their best.

3. Food and Water Bowls for Everywhere Life Takes You

Finding well-made food and water bowls for dogs is another essential. Look for bowls that fit your dog’s size and that are sturdy enough to hold up to everyday eating and drinking. Light and midweight bowls can be easy to clean yet still provide the durability you’re looking for. For large breeds or those that have extra-playful personalities, heavier weight bowls might do the trick. Turn to high-quality, trusted brands to make sure your dog’s food and water dishes stay looking great day after day. Along with simple styles like stainless steel, you can find fun options in unique colors and designs as well. Travel food and water bowls are another must-have for pet owners. From quick trips to the park to longer trips for work or play, portable pet dishes will make any trip with your best friend even easier. Don’t forget mats to place under the bowls. This will keep their food and drink area looking neat and clean.

4. Pet Toys for Fun, Health, and Mental Stimulation

Dog toys go way beyond fun! There’s no doubt about it — finding great pet toys provides a host of benefits to you and your pup. Not only can interactive toys, like balls, bones, and throwing toys, be a great way for dog owners to bond with their pets, they also help dogs get the exercise they need. Chew toys and bones can help keep teeth and gums healthy and keep dogs from chewing on other items like your favorite slippers or shoes. Other toys engage dogs' mental skills to help keep them sharp. From rope toys to plush and filled chew toys to classic bones, there are a wealth of options for today’s pet owners to take advantage of.

5. Leashes That Won’t Let You Down

Great leashes are another core item for dog owners. Walk, run, or take your pet anywhere with ease with a sturdy leash. A great leash should be durable, comfortable to hold, and easy to use. It should also be washable and durable enough for your pet’s size. Style is another consideration; you can select the look that reflects your pet’s personality or your personal sense of style.

6. Dog Collars That Elevate Every Day

Collars serve an essential function for dogs and their owners. Affix your dog’s tags with your address and phone number to their collar to help identify them if they get lost. This gives pet owners peace of mind as well as keeps pets safe. Rabies and other vaccination tags are also essential to put on your dog's collar. Finally, your dog's collar can show off a ton of style. Is your dog boisterous and bold? A colorful collar or vibrant print could be the right touch. Is your pooch a bit shyer or sweet-natured? A simple pastel color or minimal design could be the right choice. There are tons of prints and patterns options to choose from when it comes to collars.

7. Pet Clothing That Looks as Good as Your Dog

Pet clothing not only looks stylish, but it helps keep your pet comfortable at any temperature. Another bonus? It offers the perfect cute touch for taking pictures! Make a picture with your pup even better with great dog sweaters, dog hoodies, dog shirts, or other clothing. A rain jacket is the answer to keeping your dog warm and dry if a sudden shower pops up during your walk, plus it looks adorable on your favorite furry friend. After all, your pet loves comfy clothes as much as you do.

8. Crates and Carryalls to Corral Your Pet

Dog owners need places to keep their pets safe, whether they're on the go or need to stay put at home. Stylish, durable, and well-made crates keep your dog feeling safe and secure while keeping them out of trouble while you’re at work or away. If you have a small- to medium-size dog, a dog carryall, canvas tote bag, or purse lets you take your pet anywhere with ease.

Get Pet Essentials for Yourself or a Dog-Loving Friend

There are so many items that make life easier with a dog. From the basics, like bedding and bowls, to the fun extras, like interactive dog toys, there are options for modern pet owners to live life to the fullest with their best pet friends.


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