8 Fun Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer at Home

8 Fun Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer at Home

Summer is an exciting time for families. Kids are finishing up the school year and will have more time to hang out with their friends, siblings, and family pets. Adults are planning to take time off from work to enjoy family vacations. Summer allows more time spent outdoors in the sunshine, which means you get to wear your favorite trendy outfits for warm weather. If you’re looking for exciting ways to celebrate the first day of summer at home, read the following ideas.

Backyard Campout

A backyard campout is an imaginative way to spend time with the family. Set up tents before it gets dark, then once the sun sets, it's time for fun! Let everyone wear their favorite comfy pajamas or loungewear. Don’t forget the cozy throws and pillows! Before heading into the tent or sleeping bags to slumber under the stars, engage in fun activities. Consider a campfire, where the family participates in singing, storytelling, games, and more! Make sure to roast marshmallows for some tasty smores!

Grill Night

Grilling is another fun way to celebrate the first day of summer. Purchase fresh food from your local farmer’s market or grocery store like corn on the cob, chicken breasts, and burgers—whatever the family loves to eat for dinner. Then, get to grilling and preparing yummy treats! Make some sweet tea and prepare ice cream cones for the kids. Let everyone eat together while chatting and playing fun games.

Family Picnic

To enjoy tasty food during the day, have a family picnic under the sun. Picnics are fun ways to engage in lively conversation and enjoy good food. Prepare plenty of fruits, sandwiches, cool drinks, chips, baked goods, and other delicious foods. Of course, remember a picnic blanket. Encourage everyone to dress up in their favorite casual tops and blouses, khaki shorts, skirts, and bright maxi dresses. Then, enjoy a wonderful first day of summer!

Summer Game Day

Plan a summer game day that's got fun activities for all ages. Try some classic outdoor games such as soccer, kickball, lawn bowling, and dodgeball—and perhaps give prizes to the winners! Playing outdoors will require active gear for the entire family, such as yoga shorts or leggings, moisture-wicking tops, T-shirts, and sneakers that can withstand dirt and grass. After a day of fun games, enjoy grilled hot dogs and burgers, chips, iced tea, ice cream—don't forget to stay hydrated with lots of water!

Pool Day

If you've got a pool at home, your first day of summer is already made. This season, try out a new trendy pool float, such as an adorable animal, a pineapple, or a doughnut. Pool games such as volleyball, a floatie race, Marco Polo, or freeze tag will keep everyone entertained. Look for stylish boys’ and girls’ swimsuits and swimwear for adults featuring optimal UPF protection.

Outdoor Movie Night

Summertime is known for huge blockbuster hits. Take your family down memory lane by watch summer blockbuster movies of the past outdoors. You could also stream a newly released film everyone has been dying to watch. Let your family vote on what to watch. Then, set up your outdoor theater. You will need a projector, speakers, blankets, folding chairs to sit on, and a table to hold snacks. Then, let everyone cozy up and watch a flick!

Summertime-Themed Arts & Crafts

Summer brings forth more beautiful sunny days that inspire arts and crafts. Your little ones will enjoy showing off their creations! Create paper plate suns, painted dragonflies, seashell art, watercolor flower paintings, or mermaid painted rocks. With the older kids, you can build a birdhouse or feeder and suncatchers. For a longer-term project, you could design a treehouse to be built throughout the summer. Your kids will remember this year’s first day of summer for years to come!

Vacation Brainstorming

Finally, use the first day of summer to plan for the rest of the season. What does your family hope to do? Where do they want to go? You can plan for a resort getaway, a weekend hiking or camping trip, or a road trip across the country. Summer is an exciting time to explore worlds outside of what you know. After choosing new places to visit, plan for what apparel and accessories (think travel backpacks and luggage) to purchase. Everyday chic clothes and comfortable shoes work well for trips to new cities where plenty of walking is involved. Depending on the destination's climate, you may need longer bottoms, such as skinny or wide-leg jeans or denim shorts for warmer weather. Wherever you go, make sure to pack swimsuits. If your family is planning an outdoorsy trip, make sure to include apparel and footwear that can withstand all-day wear and tear.

Summertime is a wonderful time to spend more time with the family. You don’t have to wander from home to engage in fun activities. Celebrate the first day of summer in a big way and make memories worth cherishing for a lifetime!


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