5 Halloween Costumes That Require No Effort

5 Halloween Costumes That Require No Effort

There are so many things to look forward to as we enter fall. That crisp feeling in the air, the crunch of beautiful gold and red leaves under our cutest fall boots, trips to the apple orchard, and, of course, Halloween. Whether you're someone who can't wait to carve pumpkins and has been stocking up on candy all year, or you simply like to enjoy the night with a scary movie marathon, getting into the spirit of Halloween adds to the feeling of autumnal magic.

This year, you might be looking for an easy costume idea that'll allow you to participate in the holiday without investing too much time or energy. With a few simple wardrobe essentials you might already own and some touches you can easily find at a Halloween store or online, the five costume ideas below are fuss-free and nearly effortless. Read on for tips and tricks (and treats) that'll be sure to get you excited for this fun fall holiday.

Black Cat

Contrary to popular belief, black cats are not bad luck, but they do make for a straightforward and cute Halloween costume. You can pull a black cat Halloween costume together with simple black clothing, a little face paint, and ears that you can buy online or snag at a Halloween store. This look can also be super flattering, especially if you start with some high-rise women's black jeans as your bottoms.

Pair your black jeans with a long-sleeve black shirt and either black ballet flats or booties, depending on the weather in your area. Add finishing touches like cat ears, draw on some whiskers and a little heart nose with face paint or eyeliner, and voila!

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is another super easy costume idea, and you can use the holiday to pay tribute to this powerful icon while using clothes you'll want to wear year-round.

For your bottoms, throw on a pair of classic dark blue high-rise jeans and pair it with a matching blue denim or chambray button-up shirt. For your shirt, go for one that's short-sleeved or one with long-sleeves that you can roll up to right above your elbow. To finish this costume, all you'll need is a pair of black or brown boots, red socks that you can show off by cuffing your pants around your ankles, and her iconic red bandana in your hair. A red lip is a nice touch with this costume if you enjoy wearing makeup.

Jack 'o Lantern

Next up on our list is a traditional option: jack o' lantern. You might already have plans to carve one of these for the holiday as well, so this is a great and oh-so-simple look that'll keep you right on theme.

This costume requires an orange dress or an orange women's sweater, like a cotton crewneck. If you opt for the sweater, pair it with brown, green, or orange pants. Then, find a Jack O' Lantern face online, print it out, and affix it to the front of your sweater or dress. You can embellish this look with fun orange or green face paint (get as creative or minimal as you want!) and an orange or green beanie, especially if you have plans to be out and about in that chilly fall air.


A witch is another classic and super easy Halloween costume option, especially if you're as obsessed with Halloween movies as we are. This costume will require a black dress, like an all-black maxi dress for women. Next, add a long black cardigan layer or a black shawl layer and complete the look with black or green tights and back pointy ballet flats or boots. The final touch is, of course, a witch hat, which you can find at any Halloween store. While green face paint might take a bit more effort, that's also a nice touch if you have time!


A vampire is another classic costume that's effortless to pull off. You can put this next look together with items you either already have in your closet or will want to wear in your everyday rotation — just add some plastic fangs!

Start with a black fit and flare dress plus anything that could stand-in for a cape, like a long black cardigan or flowy red shawl. Next, simply pop in your fangs. Then, you can go all out with black or dark red lipstick. Apply a bit of red lipstick or face paint to indicate drops of "blood" under your bottom lip.

Whether you head into Halloween as a black cat, an iconic Rosie, a cute pumpkin, a classic witch, or a spooky vampire, these costume ideas will help you focus on the fun of the festivities rather than the stress of getting ready!


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