Easy Holiday Crafts For The Whole Family

Easy Family Holiday Crafts

The holiday season should be spent with loved ones, and it’s a time for creating new memories and traditions with kids who look forward to the season all year. One of the best ways to create memories and keepsakes for holiday seasons to come is by having family craft days. You can make anything from cut-out snowflakes to adorn your windows or uniquely decorated stockings ideal for Christmas morning. With your loved ones in their family Christmas pajamas, they’ll be ready to make some holiday crafts perfect for the season. Here are some holiday craft suggestions for the whole family.

Make Cut-Out Paper Snowflakes

A quintessential holiday craft is creating cut-out paper snowflakes. You don’t need much for this project, just paper, scissors, and creativity to make a one-of-a-kind paper snowflake. Simply cut shapes into a folded piece of paper, unfold it, and unveil your masterpiece. While this craft isn’t meant for toddlers, young kids can use children’s scissors to create their snowflakes. Best of all? This isn’t a messy project.

Make Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments

All you need are some solid-colored ornaments from the craft store and some paint. Once you have those items, you and your family can make reindeer-themed thumbprint ornaments. Use brown paint to press a thumbprint onto the ornament and paint antlers, eyes, a mouth, and a red nose onto the print. The thumbprint serves as the reindeer’s face, so you and your family can decorate the reindeer however you’d like. You can even paint snowflakes or Christmas trees onto the ornament as a background.

Decorate a Stocking

Purchase some plain stockings from a craft store and pick up some festive items to decorate them with. Get pom-poms, candy canes, tinsel, wrapping paper, and stickers for your family to use to create their own unique stocking for Christmas morning. Pick up some hot glue, too, to use to adhere the items to the stocking. Make sure an adult is in charge of the glue gun, so no little fingers get burnt. Before starting to craft, throw on your comfy clothes to ensure you’re relaxed while creating these fun stockings.

You could even get some fabric paint for another easy way to embellish the stocking. Your littles will love opening their holiday gifts from a stocking they made themselves.

Create a Pom Pom Snowman

Three white pom poms are the basis for this easy holiday craft. Hot glue the pom poms together in a snowman shape a few hours before your kids want to start crafting to ensure the glue has time to dry. Once it’s dry, you and your family can use ribbon, twigs, googly eyes, and cut-out paper shapes to create happy snowmen. Parents should be in charge of the glue gun throughout the craft.

Make a Popcorn and Cranberry Garland

Decorate your tree with a festive garland made of items you may already have in your home. Pop some popcorn, fill a bowl with cranberries, and string them carefully with a needle onto a piece of twine to create a pretty garland. While the threading may be best left for an adult, kids can help decide on the garland pattern and find the perfect spot in the house for it.

Decorate the Christmas Tree

While this isn’t a craft by definition, decorating the Christmas tree is just as creative and fun as a “normal” holiday craft. Let your kids take the lead when it comes to decorating the tree, and it’ll make them feel special and create a memory that they’ll remember forever. Get out the tinsel, ornaments, and Christmas lights and watch your kids unleash their creativity.

Let your littles decorate the tree in one of our kid’s robes, so they can easily move around the tree and feel comfy while doing so.

Decorate Christmas Cookies

This craft combines the best of both worlds — crafting and dessert. Make a batch of sugar cookies in different holiday shapes and sizes (snowflakes, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, ornaments) and get your family to use icing, candy, and other sweet treats to decorate the cookies. Marshmallows can be used to decorate snowmen or snowflakes, mini chocolate chips are great for gingerbread men, and royal icing and glittery sprinkles are ideal for Christmas trees and ornaments. You’ll likely be running back and forth between the oven and the table, so be sure to wear your comfiest slippers while baking and decorating.

The best holiday crafts aren’t hard to make, and they just require a few simple supplies. The gifts made by you and your family can be kept as keepsakes or can be given to friends and family as gifts. Wouldn’t grandma love a cut-out snowflake from her grandchildren?

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