4 Trendy Halloween Costumes That Are Easy to DIY

4 Trendy Halloween Costumes That Are Easy to DIY

For creative types who have a flair for getting all dressed up, there’s no doubt that Halloween is the most exciting holiday of the year. It’s an opportunity to ditch the sensible women’s dresses you wear to the office and slip into something more playful, fun, and inventive. Whether you’re donning a costume while you accompany the kids on their candy foraging adventures or getting ready for the office party, a little ingenuity wouldn’t go amiss in creating your outfit for the occasion.

The good news is that many of them are easy to do all on your own — without the need to go out and buy a bunch of extra pieces that you probably wouldn’t wear again anyway. Of course, the playful detail or two that you reserve strictly for Halloween may be necessary to complete certain looks. Here are a few simple and enjoyable ideas that you might want to consider as the spookiest day of the year approaches.

Go as a Bat

What other opportunity do you have to dress up as a bat? It’s quick, simple, and completely fitting for the holiday. Perhaps most importantly — especially if you’re super busy with other responsibilities to think about most days of the week — it’s pretty straightforward to put together. All you need is a pair of black leggings, a black hoodie, and a black umbrella.

Grab a pair of scissors and cut the umbrella into halves. Attach each half to the hoodie’s arms, either with safety pins or, for something a little more reliable, hot glue. Keep the umbrella’s metal hinges covered with electrical tape so you can easily fold them as you wave your arms up and down and show off those “wings.” Finish by creating a couple of tall bat ears with foam core and affix them to the top of the hoodie.

Dress Up in Sprinkles

This. Is. So. Easy. So easy, in fact, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner, and why every Halloween costume can’t be quite this simple. It’s an effortless and practical solution whether you’re pressed for time, don’t want to spend too much, or just want to make good use of what’s in your closet. To dress up in sprinkles, you’ll need at least a women’s t-shirt and a mid-length skirt or a pair of pants in the color of your choice. Keep it monochromatic from top to bottom to help the “sprinkles” stand out more.

Snag a package of brightly colored popsicle sticks and some fabric tape. Place the sticks all over the front of your skirt and shirt (not the back if you plan to sit down at any point!) and press down firmly so that the tape sticks securely to the material. Don’t worry about doing anything too fancy here — it’s better not to go for a matchy-matchy effect. Sprinkles should be a little haphazard. Add some fun finishing accessories to complete the look, like a bright headband or a pair of colorful heels.

Embrace the Rad ’80s

If you’re all about evoking those nostalgic vibes and honoring your favorite decade, why not show a little love for the 1980s in a fun throwback costume? The era that brought the big hair, the bright eye shadow, and the serious penchant for neon colors offers all kinds of inspiration for fun Halloween looks. There are countless ideas to consider for your look, from acid-washed women’s jeans to tie-dye t-shirts.

While the right outfit matters, the accessories can make a big difference, too. Now’s the time to break out the leg warmers, neon sunglasses, multiple strands of wildly colorful necklaces, and fingerless gloves. An armful of rubber bracelets wouldn’t go amiss if you really want to emulate this old-school look. Off-the-shoulder silhouettes were huge, as were wide belts slung low around the hips.

Show Some Plant Power

Show some appreciation for the botanical side of life by adding some fresh greenery to your costume. The key here is to stick with the green theme. That means choosing a few pieces in relatively the same shade of green. Keep the weather in mind: if you’re going trick or treating with the kids on a cool evening, skip the shorts and opt for a pair of green corduroy pants. Add a matching blouse or long-sleeve shirt to complete the outfit, along with a pair of green ballet flats.

It’s the accessories that really bring the look together, though. Pin a colorful blossom or two in your hair for a little eye-catching flair. Use a hanging planter complete with several stems tucked inside as your “purse” for the occasion. This is a fun choice if you’re headed to a Halloween party and want to create something that’s at once eye-catching, quick, and easy on the wallet!

Who says Halloween is just for kids? This is a once-a-year opportunity to go all out with everything from your clothes to your makeup. A few playful pieces can add up to one super cute, memorable, and ultra-easy DIY costume.


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