Easy Décor Hacks for the Bathroom

Easy Décor Hacks for the Bathroom

For many of us, our homes are our sanctuaries. They’re more than just a place to sleep or to store our belongings—they’re spaces that we pour love into, and in turn, provide a space that we can enjoy in our oh-so-precious downtime. From hosting dinner parties with close friends to kicking back in front of a movie marathon on a lazy Sunday, it’s important that we feel good about our homes, as they’re both a reflection of who we are and a respite from whatever stress we may feel when we’re out and about.

With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that many of us have a running to-do list where we jot down tasks and projects we want to take on around the house. Some of these may be big projects – like major renovations or upgrading all the living room furniture—but sometimes even the smaller projects can have a huge impact. Decorating a bathroom, for example, is one of those smaller projects that can instantly improve how we feel in our spaces.

Read on for some easy décor hacks that’ll make it easy to transform any bathroom in your house with ease.

Upgrade Your Bathmat and Rugs

In a space like a bathroom, making small changes can have a big impact. That’s why our first décor hack is a somewhat simple one—swapping out or upgrading your bath rugs and mats. While these might seem like small items, they can make a huge difference to the aesthetic and vibe of the room.

If the bathmats and rugs you currently have look a bit disjointed, or if they don’t match the overall color pallet or look that you’re going for, the good news is that these are easy (and often super affordable!) to replace. These are also items that you should be swapping out every so often anyway, just as you would with old bath towels, to keep the space feeling fresh.

Go with a bathmat or rug, or several depending on the size of the bathroom, that brings a dash of vibrant color or a fun pattern to the space. You’ll be surprised at how easily this small change can make the space feel fresh and new.

Swap Out Your Shower Curtain

Replacing your shower curtain is another easy way to totally transform the look of a bathroom. You can really pull together the design aesthetic of your bathroom with the right shower curtain. If you’re going for a boho chic look, go with a shower curtain with a vibrant floral print that’ll look great with your rattan shelves and a hanging plant. Or, if you’re looking to achieve a more coastal minimalist feel, opt for a breezy off-white shower curtain with a simple embroidered border, or a nautical stripe shower curtain that’ll pair perfectly with a bowl of seashells and a nice beachy print on the wall.

Refresh Your Hand Towel Selection

The hand towels we have in our bathrooms are certainly practical, but they can also be used to tie together the look of the space. If you have a mismatched set of hand towels in your bathroom, you’ll love how cohesive it feels when you have a matching set hanging on the towel racks. You can opt for vibrant hues, classic white or off-white, or even bold print hand towels if it makes sense with your bathmat or rug and your shower curtain.

Pick Out Some Nice Candles

The right candle can make all of the difference in any space. Candles, especially ones in decorative bowls or tins, add major décor points, all while providing sweet scents that’ll keep your bathroom smelling nice and fresh. Pick out a few candles in colorful glass bowls or snazzy gold tins and place one or two on your bathroom counter. If you don’t feel super comfortable burning candles inside of your home (perhaps you have a curious cat or young kiddos around!), don’t fret—you can find your favorite scents in decorative reed diffusers instead, and this will have the same impact on your space.

Have Fun with Your Organization

Bathrooms can easily feel cluttered, which doesn’t do much for the overall aesthetic of the space. That’s where decorative organization solutions come in. With items like a multi-tiered rattan shelf, a few seagrass baskets, or canvas storage bins, or a nice vintage glass cosmetic organizer, you can find practical solutions to any of the clutter in your bathroom that also happen to be aesthetically pleasing.

Rather than just organizing your bathroom essentials for the sake of organizing them, finding decorative and fun ways to store your items can quickly transform the space. As you start to reorganize your toiletries and extra linens, you’ll also be surprised at how much more space you have for new plants or other fun pieces of décor.

All of these are easy, budget-friendly, and fun ways to refresh or totally transform your bathroom. By following these simple décor hacks, you can fall even more in love with your home than you already are, all with minimal effort.


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