Easy Care Activewear for Family Workouts

Easy Care Activewear for Family Workouts

Being active is more important for today’s families than ever before, and all the options you have for easy-care workout wear make it a breeze (at least when it comes to clothing). Get ready to be active and stay fit with durable, comfortable options the whole family will love.

Why Choose Easy Care Activewear?

With all the different responsibilities today’s families face, from work to school to clubs and organized sports, it can be challenging to find time to fit everything in. Fortunately, one shortcut families can turn to is easy-care clothing for their workouts and everyday activities that can be washed, worn, and repeated with ease. Choosing fabrics that hold up well to multiple washings and don’t require special care or detergents will give families more time to spend together doing these they enjoy. Plus, easy-care outfits mean that everyone in the family can pitch and help out when it comes to the laundry! Find options from comfy sweats to tailored performance tees.

Activewear Bottoms to Keep the Whole Family Going Strong

Choose active pant options to keep everyone going. No matter what everyone’s style preferences are, there are tons of options to choose from. Joggers are stylish and yet comfortable, while tailored active straight-leg pants can go virtually anywhere with ease. Women’s yoga pants have the style and stretch to go easily from workout to errands, while leggings can work well for anyone from moms to kids. Track pants have a sleek style and comfort to boot that can be worn on or off the track. From molded stretch styles to looser-fitting pull-on looks, activewear shorts will fit the bill when the temperatures are warmer or are good for layering when fall and spring temps fluctuate. Look for comfortable waistbands and adjustable options for growing kids to get the most bang for your buck.

Tops to Stay Active and Stylish

Having the right tops for different family activities will go a long way in keeping everyone cool and comfortable. Look for short-sleeve tees in performance fabrics or sleeveless tops for hotter days or more vigorous activities. Long-sleeved tees will do double duty for cooler weather and evening wear. Choose moisture-wicking fabrics that keep your family cool, dry, and comfortable no matter where the day takes them. Tailored options and v-neck shirts are good alternatives to classic activewear looks or choose performance tees with graphic prints to keep it fun for kids.

Layers and Active Jackets Are Great for Families Year-Round

Things are always changing, from the weather to your family’s favorite activities, so it’s great to be prepared with layers and active jackets that hit the mark for comfort and style. Pullover and zip-up hoodies help hold in the warmth and have the right level of relaxed comfort for everyone. Quarter-zip and pullover fleece sweaters and jackets are the perfect solutions for any activewear because they look good in any situation, plus keep everyone cozy and comfortable. The wide range of colors and styles in which active fleece and hoodies are available is another bonus for families. Additional options include easy-care crewneck sweatshirts, button-up active tunics, packable jackets raincoats, track-inspired jackets, and other lightweight jackets that are ideal for making seasonal transitions or changing among activities.

Features to Look for in Easy Care Activewear for the Family

When choosing the right activewear for your family, look first at the laundering instructions. Make sure they can be easily machine or hand washed and won’t require dry-cleaning, special detergents, or other special care. Most easy-care active items can be machine washed in warm water with a mild detergent. Look for items that can be dried in the dryer or hung and line dried quickly for minimal stress. Fabrics that have UPF, that wick away moisture, and are designed to be durable, and high quality will provide lasting use. Features like side vents and antimicrobial finishes are also helpful for comfort and health. Pockets can also be helpful features to look for in family activewear, as well as fabrics with odor-control and itch-free tags.

Accessories Make Every Easy Care Outfits Even Better

Once you’ve nailed down the major parts of your activewear outfits for the family, remember the accessories, too. Things like high-performance athletic socks, the right athletic shoes or hiking footwear, hats to keep sun and wind at bay, sunglasses, hair ties, and even items like sports bras and comfy undies will all keep everyone in the family feeling their best and ready for anything.

Easy Care Activewear for Strong Families

Spending time together staying active is one of the best things families can do. Keep stress at bay with high-quality activewear that’s easy to care for and keeps everyone comfortable. Thanks to easy-care fabrics and durable styles, you can focus on what matters most.


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