Keep Cool This Summer With This Easy, Breezy Sleepwear

Keep Cool This Summer With This Easy, Breezy Sleepwear

Staying cool on balmy summer evenings can be a tricky task — especially when “balmy” eventually transforms into “steamy” as the season progresses. Making the best of an uncomfortable situation often requires making slight adjustments to your wardrobe.

That’s particularly true of your sleepwear. Gone are the days of the cozy flannels, matching family Christmas pajamas, and soft nightgowns you wore during fall, winter, and even occasional spring nights. When summertime arrives, all of the usual suspects earn a comfortable spot in the back of the closet in favor of lighter, airier, more warm-weather appropriate pieces that keep you cool even when it’s sticky and humid outside.

Sure, you might have the air conditioner running and the fan on full speed, but if you prefer to sleep in complete coolness, then it’s important to dress with that in mind, too. Here are a few suggestions to help you feel your most comfy on the hottest nights of the year.

Try a Shorter Nightgown

Shorter lengths are essential during summer. The idea is to wear something that could otherwise keep you tossing and turning all night long into the wee hours of the morning. Enjoy a better night’s sleep by slipping into something made of lighter weight fabric, like Supima cotton. It’s as soft as a lightweight women’s summer shirt, offers the type of comfort you expect of your favorite bed sheets, and feels great.

Of course, you aren’t limited to styles that fall above or just graze your knee. You might prefer something with a little length, in which case a midi-length gown is the better choice for you. With the benefit of a few additional inches, you’ll enjoy more coverage without sacrificing your comfort. Look for garments constructed of practical materials for the season. Cotton is a smart choice in general because it’s breathable and promotes air circulation all night long.

Try Effortless PJ Shorts

Men often wear either boxer shorts or classic pajamas to bed. Some may even prefer to wear men’s long underwear when it’s particularly cold outside. There’s room, however, for garments that are a little more practical for summertime wear, especially if he wants to wear something other than boxers.

Enter the broadcloth cotton short. It’s the perfect alternative to something that’s more snug. While those types of features are perfectly suitable for cooler weather, guys generally prefer to wear garments as lightweight and airy as possible on sweltering nights. Broadcloth cotton is crisp, breathable, and light all at once. Boxers made with this fabric are great for summertime wear because they slip right on and feature covered elastic waistbands for enduring comfort all night long.

Try Shorts for Girls

It’s essential to choose the right sleepwear for little boys and girls and to focus on what helps them feel their best. The key is to select light, cool, and comfortable attire that keeps them dry. Some little ones who feel particularly hot may not want to wear full-length pajamas, which is completely fine.

An alternative is a girls’ pajama set consisting of a light T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Features like drawstring waists make it simple for little ones to adjust the fit to their liking. Materials like jersey fabric feel great against the skin at any time of the year and are an exceptional choice for those hot summer months.

Try Shorts for Boys

The same rules apply to little boys! When shopping for boys’ pajamas, keep in mind that you’ll usually have dozens of options. There are button-front shirts with matching pants, fuzzy robes, flannel pajamas, and everything in between. Although all of those have their time and place, it’s best to err on the side of caution and stick with lighter materials during summertime.

Button-front tops might seem practical, but if it’s particularly warm at night, little ones are likely to feel uncomfortable as the hours wear on. Try a set that includes a simple kids' T-shirt and a pair of matching shorts. Again, look for features that prioritize comfort, like stretchy waistbands and drawstrings so that they can achieve the perfect fit.

How to Stay Comfortable

Above all else, establishing a proper fit is key for men, women, and kids of all ages. It can be tough to fall asleep when it’s too warm, so always focus on the fabric and texture when shopping for summer-appropriate sleepwear. Lighter weights are always best — and if you get chilly, you can always slip on a light robe or cardigan.


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