The Best Easter Brunch Fashion Tips

Easter Brunch Fashion Tips for 2022

On holidays, the hardest decision is often deciding what to wear. It can be especially challenging for early-season holidays like Easter when the weather is up and down with no real predictability in sight. For an Easter brunch, there are many outfit possibilities, depending on your local climate and the type of event you’re attending.

Here are some fashion tips to keep in mind for your upcoming Easter brunch.

Go for Pastel Colors

Easter is the time to dress head to toe in pastels—and this goes for you, your kids, and your partner. The holiday is synonymous with pastel colors (Easter eggs, marshmallow peeps, blooming daffodils), which makes this color scheme great for any Easter brunch. When shopping for Easter brunch, keep an eye out for pale yellow women’s dresses, button-down shirts in light pink patterns, cute and flowy spring skirts in pale blue, lilac tunics, or light green cardigans.

Pastels aren’t a color that’s too prevalent beyond the spring months, so an Easter brunch is a great time to take full advantage and wear your favorite pastel pieces of clothing, along with your favorite pastel accessories.

For your kids, put them in pastel-colored cardigans or button-down tops. You can even put your little girl in one of her favorite pastel-colored girl’s dresses. Plus, if you dress your whole family in the same shade of pastel, you can take some cute and frame-worthy family pictures before brunch. Better yet? Put your kids in matching pastel outfits for brunch—not only will this be adorable for pictures, but the rest of your family will be squealing over how cute they look.

Wear a Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is one of the most versatile pieces of spring clothing—you can easily dress it up or down and it’s about as comfortable as any dress can be. For brunch, wear a spring maxi dress with a pair of slip-on shoes or low-heeled sandals.

If you live somewhere with colder temperatures, wear a maxi dress with a denim jacket and a spring scarf. Or, layer a cotton cardigan in a complementary color over your dress. In the end, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress for your Easter brunch—you’ll fit in no matter the vibe, and it’s comfortable enough to keep on all day.

Try a Floral Midi Skirt

Floral is a classic Easter (and spring) print that's a natural choice for your holiday brunch. Get yourself a floral midi skirt in your favorite colors to wear on Easter. The midi length is long enough to protect your legs from a spring chill, yet breezy enough to be a celebratory piece to wear as the season begins. You can wear this outfit with a simple long-sleeved shirt or a fitted tank top with one of your hip-length cotton cardigans.

You can make this outfit more formal by adding a pair of high-heeled sandals or lace-up wedge espadrilles.

Opt for Capri Pants

Capri pants feel much more like spring than the long pants in your closet. For a fun Easter brunch, wear a button-down shirt like a chambray shirt or plain-colored oxford shirt with a pair of capris and casual fashion sneakers or slip-ons. This is a great casual brunch outfit that still feels dressed-up enough to wear to a dressier Easter brunch, thanks to the button-down top that’s paired with your capris.

If you want to dress up this outfit even more, add a necklace, some bold earrings, and pink lipstick. For more formal shoe options, try this outfit with wedges or a pair of leather loafers.

Dress Up Your Jeans

If your Easter brunch plans are a little more casual, wear some classic jeans with a few special-occasion pairings.

First option: tuck your go-to white button-down top into your jeans and pair the outfit with a leopard-print belt for a fun pop of color. Second option: wear a blazer in a fun color with a simple white or black tee-shirt. Third option: Lean into the spring season by wearing a floral tunic with a pair of bright, high-heeled shoes. Jeans are a wardrobe staple that can be the perfect starting point item for your casual Easter brunch.

There are many exciting outfit options for your Easter brunch, whether you’re attending a morning meal at a fancy restaurant or hosting a brunch for your extended family at home. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your Easter brunch outfit to ensure your outfit fits the vibe and keeps you comfortable all throughout the meal.


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