Easy Back to School Outfits for Kids of All Sizes

Easiest Back to School Outfits for Kids of All Sizes

Summer’s out, and school’s in! Going back to school is an exciting time for kids of all ages. There’s an overwhelming sense of change and anticipation, and kids have a lot on their plates — but so do parents! After attending all the back-to-school nights, signing up for PTA committees, and organizing rides for extracurriculars or aftercare, you, too, are feeling spent.

Make things a bit easier during this transitional time by finding simple back-to-school outfits that keep your kids feeling comfortable and confident. Whether your kids need a polo uniform or other sensible wardrobe options, you can find everything you need when you stick to an organized plan.

Where to Find School Uniforms?

School uniforms tend to follow a simple and clean look created from separates that you can find at a local department store or at an online school uniform store. These shops have all the looks that are in demand, so parents don't have a hard time finding the required clothing. To be sure that you buy the right uniform, consult your school's manual and confirm features like colors and hem lengths. With sizes ranging from Pre-K to high school, you are sure to find what you need whether your kid requires husky or slim clothing sizes.

Get Enough Clothing to Last the Year

If your child attends a private school, there will either be a mandated uniform or some other type of strict dress code. Some public schools also require uniforms made of affordable separates like khaki pants and polo shirts in the school’s colors. In addition, kids in higher grades typically require a PE uniform during physical education classes.

When school requires a certain look, it's important to get enough to last throughout the year. This ensures that you don't have to wash school uniforms multiple times a week, which is a big timesaver. Ideally, you should have enough clothing to last for at least a week without needing to do any laundry. Decide how frequently you want to wash school clothing and how much you want to spend on uniforms for the year. Overall, having five sets of winter and summer uniforms should be sufficient to last the year. If you buy fewer sets, be committed to washing your clothing at least twice a week.

For Schools Without Uniforms

If your child's school doesn't have a uniform, you should still consult your school’s manual for the dress code. Be sure to stay updated on what's acceptable. It's important to let your children express themselves without allowing them to cross the line with clothing that is distracting or disrespectful. For instance, clothing with controversial or vulgar slogans and images should not be worn to school. If you're ever in doubt about an outfit, it's probably not meant for school.

Dress your children so that they can be active comfortably without needing to readjust their clothing. Comfortable clothing like kids’ jeans and sneakers are integral to an active student’s life. Dress them each day with the expectation that there will be at least some physical activity like going to the park or running down the hallway to catch class. All-day comfort is paramount for young students, so keep the clothing free of distractions like itchy tags and uncomfortable materials.

Prepare for Air Conditioned Rooms All Year

When your kids are learning, it's important that they don't get distracted by feeling too cold. Schools are notorious for keeping their air conditioner turned up, so give your kids an extra cardigan or some kids’ hoodies to keep at school. These can also be of use even during the warmer months when the air conditioner is turned up high. Instead of being distracted by feeling cold, your child can be confident that they have a coverup nearby to stay cozy.

Get Comfortable and Safe Shoes

At school, kids want to look their best, which includes wearing attractive footwear. However, when it comes to safety, function always comes first. This doesn't mean that you can't find attractive kids’ sneakers and closed-toe shoes with traction, though.

There are plenty of footwear options that allow kids to look and feel good. Try to avoid unsupportive or distracting footwear. Sandals and other open-toed shoes might feel too cold in the air conditioning, plus it’s unsafe for younger kids to wear shoes without good traction during recess. For these reasons and more, you should keep comfortable and functional shoes for school hours.

When you keep things simple, you can find amazing back-to-school outfits for your kids. Shopping online makes it easy to pick from a wide range of sizes and styles to get exactly what your kids need.

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