4 Earth Day Decorations You Can Make Out of Recycled Materials

4 Earth Day Decorations You Can Make Out of Recycled Materials

Earth Day is a celebration and every celebration needs decorations. Well, you’re in luck. The Lands’ End Sustainability Team is here to share some fun ways to upcycle commonly disposed of items. All it takes is a little imagination to transform trash into cool decorations. Try these four ideas to create eco-savvy crafts just in time for Earth Day.

How to Make a Natural Wreath

Decorating your home with a natural wreath is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. They also make lovely gifts. The first step to making a natural wreath is to step outside. Take a bucket or bag with you during your next nature walk or hike. As you explore, notice the beauty around you. Mindfully collect the leaves, flowers, berries, and other natural objects that appear most interesting to you. Upon your return home, organize the day’s treasures. To make the form of the wreath itself, you’ll need a Lands’ End t-shirt or tank top that you no longer wear. Cut the shirt into strips. Braid the strips together to form a circle. Next, attach the objects you found during your nature walk to the braided wreath. Once in place, they can be easily secured with glue or a clear fishing line. Attach a loop of twine to the top to hang your wreath and enjoy.

How to Upcycle Magazines

Reduce the amount of paper you throw away this Earth Day by creating something you can put on display instead. Gather the papers you no longer need: old Lands’ End catalogs, magazines, newspapers, any unneeded paper will do. Cut the papers into ovals, triangles, circles, and long, thin rectangles. On a canvas or sturdy piece of paper, piece the paper shapes together to create a flower garden. The thin rectangles are the stems. The other shapes become the leaves and petals of each flower. When you are done, you will have a new spring-inspired piece of artwork.

How to Make Seed Starters

Looking for a beautiful way to give back to Mother Earth this Earth Day? Try giving your seeds a great start so they’ll be sure to bloom. First, gather your favorite seeds, some scrap paper, and a food processor. Blend the paper and a little water in the food processor. The mixture should be mushy but still hold together. If your seeds are quite small, you can add them to the food processor. Pulse until the seeds are mixed into the paper. Larger seeds can be added to the paper mixture by hand. Form the paper-seed mixture into balls (about the size of a golf ball). Let them dry. Then plant them in the ground or a pot. As the sun and rain go to work, the paper will become compost. This creates a perfect growing environment as the seeds germinate.

How to Make Patchwork Art

Save your old clothes from the trashcan by turning them into colorful textile art in honor of Earth Day. The best thing about this project is there’s almost no wrong way to do it. Begin by selecting Lands’ End clothing you no longer wear. Cut the fabric into shapes. If you are new to patchwork art, you’ll want to keep it simple by cutting the fabric into four-inch by four-inch squares. Flip each square over and sew the backside of the edges of each fabric square together neatly. Continue until your patchwork art is the size and shape you prefer. Depending on where the project leads you, chances are you’ll end up creating a trendy piece of wall art, fun curtains, or even an ultra-cozy quilt out of clothing that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.


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