Earth Day Arts & Crafts Projects to Try

Earth Day Arts & Crafts Projects to Try

Earth Day is an April holiday the whole family can enjoy. Gather your crew and try these eco-themed arts and crafts:

Earth Day Slime

Kids and adults alike can enjoy destressing with slime. This squishy substance can be made from common household materials and colored to resemble the blue and green hues of our planet. To make Earth Day–themed slime, you’ll need these ingredients:

  • 2 bottles of nontoxic white school glue
  • 1½ cups water
  • ½ teaspoon Borax
  • Food coloring (blue and green)
  • 3 bowls

Combine the Borax and ½ cup water in one of the bowls and stir; set aside. Next, combine both bottles of school glue with the remaining water. Whisk until the glue and water are well-mixed. Combine the Borax and water mixture with the glue-and-water mixture, then separate into halves. Tint one half with the blue food coloring and the other half green. Smoosh the two slime halves to make a sphere that looks like the planet Earth.

For this project, you’ll want to wear something comfortable. Women's jeans paired with a cotton tee is always a good crafting outfit, or you can go with comfy loungewear. Kids can stay comfortable in jeans with reinforced knees and a graphic tee.

Seed Bombs

Don’t let the name fool you—seed bombs aren’t going to do any damage. In fact, these so-called bombs actually help the environment by releasing seeds that will eventually grow into plants and flowers. The origin of seed bombing goes back to New York City in the 1970s when people would toss homemade seed clusters into areas where planting was illegal. Today, the practice is a fun way to grow new flowers, and it’s easy to do with the kids. You’ll need:

  • Air-dry clay (as opposed to the kind you have to dry in a kiln or oven)
  • Potting soil
  • Flower seeds
  • Water

Combine four parts clay to one part soil. When the clay and soil is mixed well, add the seeds and mix again. Slowly add water and squish everything together until it’s the consistency of thick dough. If you add too much water, increase the clay and soil. Then, roll the mixture into small balls and place on a tray to dry and harden for a few days. That’s all there is to it—the next step is to scatter your flower bombs where needed.

Stay super comfortable when playing in the soil with a tugless one-piece swimsuit and a pair of roomy cotton shorts. After you’re done making your seed bombs, you can take a dip in the backyard pool or run through the sprinklers. There are tugless swimsuits for girls, and boys' swim trunks too—so the whole family can be cool and comfortable on extra-warm spring days.

Paper Plate Earth Day Crafts

You can use paper plates to make Earth Day crafts with the kids. Give kids blue and green finger paint or craft paint, and let them paint their representation of the planet on the paper plate. Or, let them make a mosaic of Earth by providing lots of blue and green construction paper cut into small pieces. Kids can use nontoxic school glue to attach the construction paper to the paper plate.

When using paint—even the washable kind—you’ll want to make sure kids are wearing easy-care, stain-resistant fabrics. Polo shirts for girls and boys made from lightweight, breathable polyester that’s not only stain-resistant but also antimicrobial are a good choice for craft activities. You might want to pick up a few of these polos for yourself, too. They come in a rainbow of colors and look great with everything from Capri pants to skirts.

Earth Day Snacks

Two easy snacks you can make to celebrate Earth Day are popcorn and cookies. Make the Earth Day popcorn as a treat while you watch an environmentally-themed movie or documentary with your family. What makes the popcorn special is the addition of colored powdered drink mix—in blue and green, of course.

Once you’ve popped the popcorn on the stovetop or microwave (depending on your preference), Separate the popcorn in half. Then just pour in the powdered mix and shake to coat, tinting half of it blue and half of it green. Mix the two batches together for a flavorful treat.

For Earth Day cookies, all you need is your favorite sugar cookie recipe and icing in blue and green. You can make the cookies from scratch if you prefer—but there’s nothing wrong with using refrigerated ready-made cookie dough or a premade cookie mix. Make the cookies in a round shape and, once they’re baked and cooled, let the kids decorate with the blue and green icing to simulate water and land.

Other Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

There are lots of other ways to celebrate Earth Day in April. Start the day with breakfast made from local, seasonal ingredients. Plant a tree, work in the garden, or pick up trash at the park or beach. Consult with your family to find out which activities they’d most like to do.

Furnishing your home with sustainably sourced materials such as organic cotton bed sheets and natural-fiber rugs is another way to make a positive impact on the planet and your home.

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